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Planview neemt AI / ML leider Aptage over

Combinatie brengt kunstmatige intelligentie en machine learning naar Agile en PPM om vroege inzichten te versnellen

AUSTIN, Texas– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Planview® heeft vandaag de overname aangekondigd van Aptage, een technologieleider en pionier in de toepassing van kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) en machine learning (ML) op portfoliobeheer en werkbeheer.

De expertise van Aptage in data science wordt gecombineerd met unieke domeinkennis in de economie van ontwikkeling die Agile en projectmethodologieën omvat. De technologie en IP van het bedrijf zijn gericht op de toepassing van AI / ML op bedrijfssoftware en bieden klanten vroeg inzicht en inzicht in het verwachte waarde- en leveringsrisico bij traditioneel projectbeheer en flexibele methodologieën. Voor Planview-klanten betekent dit uiteindelijk een nauwkeurigere prognose van de projectresultaten, ongeacht de werkmethodologieën en processen die worden gebruikt om het werk gedaan te krijgen.

“In de disruptieve omgeving van vandaag zijn het de bedrijven met vroege inzichten die sneller kunnen draaien om concurrentievoordeel te creëren”, zegt Greg Gilmore, CEO van Planview. “De innovatieve AI / ML-technologie van Aptage creëert inzichten in projectwaarde en leveringsrisico, en verbetert en versterkt de strategie voor levering. We zijn verheugd om Aptage te verwelkomen in de Planview-familie en deze expertise naar onze klanten te brengen. ”

Planview Acquires AI/ML Leader Aptage

Combination Brings Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Agile and PPM to Accelerate Early Insights

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Planview® today announced the acquisition of Aptage, a technology leader and pioneer in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to portfolio management and work management.

Aptage’s expertise in data science is combined with unique domain knowledge in the economics of development spanning Agile and project methodologies. The company’s technology and IP is focused on the application of AI/ML to enterprise software, offering customers early insights and visibility into anticipated value and delivery risk across traditional project management and agile methodologies. For Planview customers, this ultimately means more accurate project outcome forecasting, regardless of work methodologies and processes used to get work done.

“In today’s disruptive environment, the companies with early insights are the ones that can pivot more quickly to create competitive advantage,” said Greg Gilmore, CEO of Planview. “Aptage’s innovative AI/ML technology creates insights into project value and delivery risk, improving and strengthening the strategy to delivery pipeline. We’re excited to welcome Aptage into the Planview family and bring this expertise to our customers.”

“Aptage and Planview share a common vision for the future of AI/ML within portfolio management and work management,” said John Heintz, co-founder and CEO of Aptage. “We’re thrilled to be taking this next step together, expanding the reach of our technology and driving better outcomes for organizations.”

Founded in 2016, Aptage’s proprietary IP was designed to accommodate the small data characteristics of Agile and traditional projects to continuously learn, predict, and provide actionable advice throughout the strategy to delivery pipeline. The technology has been proven with early adopters and is ready to scale to the mainstream market with Planview.

John Heintz, co-founder and CEO, and Dr. Murray Cantor, co-founder and CTO, will be joining Planview, bringing extensive experience and unique expertise to the company. Heintz is a recognized thought leader in the Agile and Lean community with 20 years of hands-on experience, and will be joining to lead product management for AI/ML. Dr. Cantor joins Planview as the company’s Chief Data Scientist, a new role created in recognition of the momentum in data science and the application of AI/ML in enterprise software.

Planview will be embedding the Aptage AI/ML IP across the Planview product portfolio. We anticipate the Aptage technology being available to customers later this year. To learn more, visit: Planview.com.

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About Aptage

Aptage is a technology leader and pioneer in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to portfolio and work management, enabling companies to use their own data more intelligently through schedule, cost, and prioritization solutions. Companies using Agile, Waterfall, or hybrid frameworks have used Aptage to learn more from their project data and make informed business decisions based on AI advice. For more information, visit: https://get.aptage.com.



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