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Planview Makes Disconnected Roadmap Tools Obsolete

Planview Roadmaps improves business agility and optimizes the tracking of business outcomes by connecting strategy, planning, and delivery across all product and project teams

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Planview, a global leader in Portfolio and Value Stream Management, today announced Planview Roadmaps. Combining strategy, team plans, and execution into a single, comprehensive view, Planview Roadmaps drives business agility by enabling organizations to see and adapt to change across every team, methodology, and tool.

“Enterprise survival relies on an organization’s ability to quickly adapt and pivot to market shifts and customer needs, yet a staggering 85% of executives say their company’s ability to adapt to change falls short[1],” said Razat Gaurav, CEO at Planview. “Planview Roadmaps acts as the connective tissue between strategy and work, connecting every team with unprecedented visualization across the business. This enables executives to detect and respond to changes swiftly, ensuring that strategic pivots cascade seamlessly to the team level, eliminating uncertainty around executing strategic initiatives. The future of connected work is here, empowering organizations to thrive in this fast-paced environment.”

Improve Business Agility with Clear Line of Sight into Progress and Dependencies

Siloed roadmapping and presentation tools lack the interactive nature of connected roadmaps. Planview Roadmaps enable organizations to see and adapt to change by visually organizing work in one connected view. With direct line-of-sight to delivery progress and all dependencies, organizations can react quickly to changes and respond to delays. Additionally, leaders and teams can plan and re-plan faster and more effectively with straightforward mappings between initiatives and outcomes that include all teams. This helps keep the entire organization operating in harmony regardless of changes.

“Throughout my career, I’ve spent thousands of hours juggling siloed roadmap and presentation tools to visualize our plans, only to find they’re often out of date before I even hit save,” said Louise K. Allen, Chief Product Officer at Planview. “That was then, and this is now. With Planview Roadmaps, it’s easy to ensure that our whole organization is aligned on what’s important to deliver and to adapt to any changes.”

Maximize Impact by Connecting Work Across Every Team, Methodology, and Tool

Organizations employ a mix of operating styles, whether teams are traditional (projects), Agile (products), or hybrid. Planview Roadmaps create shared knowledge of the related, parallel efforts and the impacts of their deliverables.

Leaders and teams can coordinate dependencies across the organization, with visibility into all teams, remediating one of the most common causes of delays. Built-in collaboration features bring teams closer together regardless of methodology.

“Planview Roadmaps takes connectivity to the next level by helping our organization unite work across the entire business,” said Sam Aldred, Sr. Manager of the Enterprise Program Management Office at Blue Shield of California. “Whether it’s traditional project management, Agile product development, or hybrid approaches, this will help eliminate silos and foster a shared understanding of related efforts and their impacts on our business objectives.”

Drive Smarter Execution by Connecting Strategy, Planning, and Delivery

Traditional roadmaps are output oriented, focused on deliverables and milestones. With Planview Roadmaps, teams can connect strategy with outcomes and team milestones, mapping work to critical outcomes and ensure progress on most critical initiatives. Additionally, because plans, strategy, and outcomes are all visible in one view, organizations can confidently articulate the impact of initiatives and how programs are progressing to drive business change.

Learn more about Planview Roadmaps for Enterprise here.

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