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Planview onthult nieuwe visuele identiteit op Global SAFe Summit 2019

Krachtig en gemoderniseerd Planview-merk personifieert innovatieve, wendbare reizen van ondernemingen die strategie transformeren naar levering in de veranderende werkwereld

AUSTIN, Texas-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Vandaag, op de 2019 Global SAFe Summit in San Diego, Californië, heeft Planview een gedurfde nieuwe huisstijl onthuld. Sinds 1989 loopt Planview voorop bij het leveren van bekroonde bedrijfsoplossingen voor het beheer van werk en middelen. Nu gaat Planview dit volgende hoofdstuk in als het belangrijkste platform om elke organisatie in staat te stellen om de strategie naadloos om te zetten in de huidige veranderende wereld van het werk.

Bekijk de Planview-video.

“Planview heeft een opmerkelijke transformatiereis achter de rug met toonaangevende groei en capaciteitsuitbreiding, en het is een spannende dag met de lancering van onze nieuwe huisstijl”, aldus Planview CEO Greg Gilmore.

Planview Unveils New Visual Identity at 2019 Global SAFe Summit

Bold and modernized Planview brand personifies innovative, agile journeys of enterprises transforming strategy to delivery in the changing world of work

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today, at the 2019 Global SAFe Summit in San Diego, California, Planview unveiled a bold new corporate visual identity. Since 1989, Planview has been on the forefront of providing award-winning enterprise solutions for managing work and resources. Now, Planview enters this next chapter as the premier platform for enabling every organization to seamlessly transform strategy to delivery in today’s changing world of work.

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“Planview has been on a remarkable transformational journey with industry-leading growth and capability expansion, and it is an exciting day with the launch of our new corporate identity,” said Planview CEO Greg Gilmore. “Over the past year we have rewired Planview – today we are a bold, agile enterprise solutions leader that delivers breadth and scale for addressing all the ways organizations and teams work. The new Planview logo and visual design truly embody who we have become and where we are heading with our customers.”

The company’s new logo mark is inspired by forward-looking transformational leaders who – like peregrine falcons – require speed, agility, and keen vision to change altitude and swoop quickly in response to business and market changes and to help every team deliver value aligned to organizational strategy. The shades of red in the falcon symbolize the heroic journey these leaders and organizations must traverse in pursuit of bold advancements.

On October 2 and 3 at the Global SAFe Summit, attendees can experience how Planview solutions enable them to realize Agile at scale and make the project to product shift in the changing world of work. Planview will also demonstrate its new Agile costing solution, which eliminates manual time reporting and reduces the financial challenges of Agile at scale. By breaking down silos, connecting teams, integrating portfolios, and providing executive level visibility enterprise-wide, Planview solutions ensure organizations can plan and scale more effectively to deliver customer value faster.

Next week, Planview is hosting Planview Horizons – its 22nd annual customer conference – October 8-10 at the JW Marriott in Austin, Texas. “We really look forward to celebrating this new chapter in the company’s history with our customers and partners at Planview Horizons 2019. They are at the center of everything we do, and it is an honor to be by their sides for every one of their transformational journeys,” affirmed Gilmore.

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