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Planview versterkt organisaties om Agile-at-Schale te realiseren met Lean and Agile leveringsoplossing

Verbindt flexibele levering met strategische planning en lean portfolio management om de transformatie te versnellen en innovatie te stimuleren

AUSTIN, Texas-(BUSINESS WIRE)- De steeds concurrerender en verstoorde markten van vandaag de dag vereisen dat teams en bedrijven zich snel aanpassen en snel innovatieve producten, oplossingen en klantervaringen leveren. Terwijl flexibele manieren van werken positieve resultaten hebben opgeleverd op afzonderlijke teams, creëert het gebruik van Agile in de hele organisatie een uitdaging – hoe de levering over de teams heen te schalen voor grotere initiatieven en zich te richten op bedrijfsresultaten voor het aansturen van verandering en resultaten. De Planview® oplossing voor Lean and Agile levering lost deze uitdaging op door flexibele levering te koppelen aan strategische planning en lean portfolio management om de bedrijfsdoelstellingen sneller te bereiken.

Planview Empowers Organizations to Realize Agile-at-Scale with Lean and Agile Delivery Solution

Connects agile delivery with strategic planning and lean portfolio management to accelerate transformation and fuel innovation

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today’s increasingly competitive and disrupted markets require teams and enterprises to adapt quickly and speed delivery of innovative products, solutions, and customer experiences. While agile ways of working have produced positive results on single teams, leveraging Agile across the organization creates a challenge – how to scale delivery across teams for larger initiatives and focus on business outcomes for driving change and results. The Planview® solution for Lean and Agile delivery solves this challenge by connecting agile delivery with strategic planning and lean portfolio management to achieve business objectives faster.

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The Planview solution for Lean and Agile delivery connects strategic planning, lean portfolio manage ...

The Planview solution for Lean and Agile delivery connects strategic planning, lean portfolio management, and work delivery. (Graphic: Business Wire)

“When Planview came together with LeanKit® in December 2017, we significantly expanded our work and resource management (WRM) vision to serve the agile enterprise,” said Patrick Tickle, Planview chief product officer. “Since then, the changing world of work and the dynamic competitive landscape have experienced tectonic shifts, reaffirming our vision of providing the most comprehensive WRM solutions in the market. Planview combines the power of lean and agile delivery with portfolio management, enabling teams and enterprises to leverage Agile-at-scale for creating innovative products and services that transform their organizations and delight customers.”

With Planview’s Lean and Agile delivery solution, development leaders and Agile CoEs can scale delivery across teams by coordinating planning, managing dependencies, and promoting continuous improvement. Business leaders, PMOs, and enterprise architects can ensure strategic alignment, measure results, track financials, balance demand and capacity, and provide executive visibility. And, teams can accelerate delivery while retaining decentralized decision-making and the flexibility to find the right process, optimize their workflow, and use their preferred agile execution tool.

Ultimately, organizations benefit from being able to:

    • Improve productivity using Lean metrics to remove bottlenecks and drive continuous improvement
    • Mitigate risks by resolving problems sooner through visualization of work and dependencies
    • Optimize throughput and effectiveness with the right people on the right teams working on the right priorities
    • Increase revenue by accelerating time-to-market of new products and enhancements with shorter lead and cycle times
    • Reduce waste and speed innovation by shifting funding levels based on outcome-driven indicators and KPIs

By connecting work delivery, lean portfolio management, and strategic planning, organizations can deliver larger initiatives faster and with greater success. They can realize Agile-at-scale – from teams to the enterprise.

See the Planview solution for Lean and Agile delivery in action at planview.com/lean-agile-delivery.

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