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ID Finance innoveert in leningen

BARCELONA, Spanje–(BUSINESS WIRE)-Het internationale bedrijf in digitale financiën Innovative Digital Finance is sinds juni actief in Spanje en breidt in de komende zes maanden uit naar twee andere landen.

ID Finance is een snel groeiend financieel-technologisch bedrijf dat zich specialiseert in online leningen in opkomende en ontwikkelde landen. Het bedrijf heeft op dit moment kantoren in Rusland, Kazachstan, Georgië, Wit-Rusland en Spanje. Sinds 2012 schreef ID Finance 210 duizend leningen uit, met een totale waarde van 35 miljoen dollar. Het bedrijf heeft 12 miljoen dollar aan investeringen binnengehaald.

ID Finance Brings Innovations into Lending


BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)– An international digital finance company Innovative Digital Finance launched its operations in Spain in June and going to run the business in two new countries over the next six months.

ID Finance is a fast-growing financial technology company specializing in online lending in emerging and well-developed markets. The company currently has offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus and Spain. Since 2012, ID Finance issued over 210 thousand loans valued at over $35 m and already attracted over $12 m investments.

The company designed its original IT stack and uses proprietary high-performance scoring models to evaluate the credit worthiness of a potential borrower in real-time. ID Finance focuses on providing fast and convenient financial services to customers 24/7. This approach allowed company to expand its portfolio swiftly, build and grow a large loyal client base. Quickly Innovative Digital Finance moved into leading positions in the countries of presence and plan to keep on expanding business geographically into Latin America and Europe.

Co-founders of the ID Finance Boris Batine and Alexander Dunaev are also involved in the operational management of the company. Both of them were educated in the United Kingdom in University of Cambridge and University of Warwick, have extensive experience in investment banking in Deutsche Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland and others. The largest ID Finance investors are well-known private investor Vadim Dymov and a venture capital management company Emery Capital, which invests in global-focused early stage technological and fintech startups.

The most known and large assets of the ID Finance holding are MoneyMan and AmmoPay companies.

MoneyMan is an online lending company with more than 60 thousand clients. The idea behind MoneyMan is to help people to solve their short-term cash flow needs by the providing fully automated payday loan service operating 24/7. The company went online in August 2012. MoneyMan operates in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and started in Spain in mid-June 2015.

AmmoPay is an automatic online service of POS-lending, which allows buyers to arrange installments for a variety of goods in the store without the help of a credit counselor.

« ID Finance directs most of the investment in starting and growing business in new markets, and at improving IT systems. As the priority markets for expansion we highlight a number of countries in Europe and Latin America», said ID Finance co-founder Boris Batine.

« ID Finance team proved that fintech startup can successfully grow and be profitable. The company diversifies the risks, demonstrates strong growth even in difficult economic conditions, developing business, building strong brands in various segments of lending in international markets. ID Finance is planning to continue expanding its product line in personal and SME online lending», claimed ID Finance co-founder Alexander Dunaev.


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