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Edgio Launches Attack Surface Management for Continuous Threat Protection

Edgio ASM enables organizations to reduce risk from web application vulnerabilities by continuously discovering web assets, identifying security exposures, and managing remediation

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Edgio, the platform of choice for security, speed and simplicity at the edge, today announced the launch of its Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution. ASM is designed to discover all web assets, provide full inventory of technologies, detect security exposures and manage exposure response across an organization from a centralized management interface. ASM, coupled with Edgio’s holistic web security solutions and managed security services provide the industry’s first edge-enabled continuous web application threat management service.

In an era where AI-driven threats are escalating at an unprecedented rate, it is crucial to deploy solutions that can keep pace with ever-evolving advanced persistence threats. Based on the findings from Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), over 60% of data breaches were attributed to web applications. Moreover, according to a 2023 report by IBM, the average cost of a data breach amounted to $4.45 million. These findings highlight the need for organizations to continuously manage threat exposure across their web applications and throughout the entire DevSecOps lifecycle. With Edgio ASM, organizations now have the capability to continuously track and inventory all external web assets, automatically detect potential vulnerabilities and security exposures, and provide a centralized interface for security teams to track and manage the remediation of all security issues. In addition, Edgio provides holistic Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) to protect web assets from a wide range of critical threats – from DDoS and malicious code injection to API and Bot attacks – all from the edge, without sacrificing performance. The combined platform provides end-to-end threat detection and response, reducing mean-time-to-detection (MTTD) and respond (MTTR).

“Attackers’ skills are improving faster than those of most security organizations, especially with innovation in AI and LLMs, who often don’t understand they have 100s of public-facing domains and IPs creating an attack surface area that changes every day.” said Ajay Kapur, CTO & GM, Edgio Applications. “Edgio is proud to offer the industry’s first, edge enabled ASM solution that provides unparalleled visibility to threat exposures. This combined with our award-winning web application & API protection platform helps minimize risk from advanced persistent threats and improve operational efficiency for customers.”

In addition to ASM, Edgio recently released the Client-Side Protection solution that monitors client-side scripts and APIs to prevent malicious code execution that could otherwise compromise sensitive customer data, including credit card skimming attacks (i.e. Magecart attacks). With PCI DSS 4.0 mandating client-side protection requirements by March 2025, organizations handling payment card information will be well positioned to gain a competitive edge by adopting client-side security controls ahead of schedule.

For more information, visit Edgio’s website.

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