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Edgio’s Group Vice President of EMEA, Emma Whitmore, to Join the Digital TV Group (DTG) Council

Edgio Welcomes Opportunity to Help Shape the Future of TV Distribution in the UK

PHOENIX, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Edgio, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGIO), the platform of choice for speed, security, and simplicity at the edge, today announced that Emma Whitmore, Group Vice President (GVP) of EMEA, is joining the DTG Council, an important industry steering group, to provide Edgio’s unique perspective and insight on the future of TV distribution.

For over 25 years, DTG, the UK’s unique, self-funding centre for innovation in digital media technology, has been central to driving digital TV innovation in the UK. The 25-strong member council brings together the best thinkers from across broadcasters, technology providers and manufacturers, including BT, BBC, ITV and Sony, to inform the work, policy and direction of the organisation.

Powered by a secure global edge network designed for the unique demands of media, Edgio’s solutions allow companies to operate, monetize and securely deliver video content to millions of global viewers.

“Given the wealth of knowledge that Emma brings from more than twenty years in the industry, specifically in her role at Edgio, we are delighted to welcome her to the DTG Council and look forward to the unique insight her global technology perspective brings,” says DTG and Council Chair Simon Fell. “As we navigate an ever-changing TV landscape, and with the renewed spotlight on the governance of digital TV distribution the Media Bill will bring, it is incredibly important to have that representation around the table.”

“Our focus at Edgio is to redefine the standards of content delivery and network performance, ensuring that our clients securely deliver unmatched live or on demand video experiences to their global audiences, so we are closely aligned to DTG’s ethos. I am delighted to have been asked to join the council and sit alongside some of the UK’s major industry players to help influence the future of TV distribution,” says Emma Whitmore.

About Edgio

Edgio (NASDAQ: EGIO) helps companies deliver online experiences and content faster, safer, and with more control. Our developer-friendly, globally scaled edge network, combined with our fully integrated application and media solutions, provide a single platform for the delivery of high-performing, secure web properties and streaming content. Through this fully integrated platform and end-to-end edge services, companies can deliver content quicker and more securely, boosting overall revenue and business value. To learn more, visit edg.io and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About DTG

The Digital Television Group (DTG) is an independent Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) established by industry in 1995. For more than 25 years it has been central to driving digital TV innovation in the UK. From driving the digital TV switchover to making interactive TV happen, rolling out on-demand TV, and introducing HDTV and UHD TV.

We work with the best of industry on the future of television – embracing the convergence of content and networks to efficiently deliver video to all screens, across all devices, in all formats.

We deliver evidence-based technical research, demonstrators, trials and test-bed projects in the fields of digital television, digital switchover, spectrum coexistence, 5G broadcast, streaming and IP switchover for government and Ofcom.

Our working groups bring together members from all the critical sectors in digital media technology to work closely with our expert technical teams on burning issues and horizon scanning. This includes publishing the D-Book each year, the universally deployed technical design and test requirements of UK digital terrestrial television distribution and reception.


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