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Approaching the E-Learning Opportunity in the Latin American Market: Insights from the Director of Global Partnerships at PayRetailers

BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The e-learning industry in Latin America is booming, thanks to the increased access to the internet and the adoption of mobile devices. Digital payments play a crucial role in its development by providing security and expansion into new markets. We interviewed Fiorella Lezama, Director of Global Partnerships at PayRetailers, to gain her insights on how to expand e-learning businesses in emerging markets in Latin America through payment solutions tailored to local needs.

The Latin American e-learning market has experienced steady growth, with a predominantly young and digital-savvy population. Compared to other regions, it stands out for its dynamism in the payment system, driven by the simplicity in processing, security, and convenience it offers.

PayRetailers offers cutting-edge technology for seamless and localized integration on websites and applications in Latin America. Their solution optimizes the payment experience, providing multiple payment options with over 250 global and local methods, optimal and secure coverage with a single integration for more than 12 markets, and intelligent routing to improve conversion rates and build trust with users. “We overcome infrastructure obstacles by delivering speed, innovation, and security in the payment process, driving cross-border commerce, and enhancing the purchasing experience in the e-learning ecosystem,” says Fiorella.

The growth potential in the Latin American market is significant, with a population of 640 million. E-learning is essential for students and training, with notable adoption in Mexico and Brazil (41%), Colombia (39%), and Argentina and Chile (30%). The increasing internet penetration in the region has expanded access to online learning, even in rural areas, reaching over 120 million people.

PayRetailers complies with local regulatory requirements and provides reliable payment methods that help businesses acquire customers and increase their revenues. “We are aware of the latest regulations and use security measures, such as anti-money laundering prevention and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, to proactively address regulatory challenges,” she comments.

As a company with European roots, the PayTech understands the importance of establishing strong alliances and providing quality service to its e-learning clients in Latin America. Fiorella states that “by combining our European expertise with a deep understanding of the Latin American market, we can offer payment solutions that truly meet the needs of users and help e-learning businesses expand and succeed in the region.”

As each market has its particularities, it is important to conduct a detailed potential analysis and create a strategic plan tailored to each country. Leveraging the network effect in the region can be highly beneficial, as there are similarities in consumer habits and positioning, allowing for crossing physical borders and reaching a broader audience in Latin America. By following these steps, companies can maximize their success and take advantage of the growth potential in the Latin American market.

The e-learning market in Latin America presents enormous growth potential, especially in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Ecuador, driven by the increasing internet penetration and the rising number of smartphones. According to Statista Research Department, it is estimated that the e-learning market in Latin America will reach 3 trillion dollars this year.

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