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FEELM sluit zich aan bij Carbon Disclosure Project als onderdeel van SMOORE’s drive om klimaatnood aan te pakken

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– FEELM, het vlaggenschiptechnologieplatform voor verneveling van SMOORE – ‘s werelds grootste fabrikant van vapen, heeft zich aangesloten bij het Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), als onderdeel van de vermelding van het moederbedrijf.

Dit persbericht bevat multimedia. Bekijk de volledige release hier: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/2020220620005183/en/

CDP is een onafhankelijke non-profitorganisatie die een wereldwijd openbaarmaking systeem en een opslagplaats voor milieurapportage door bedrijven, gemeenten en organisaties over de hele wereld beheert; en FEELM zal zijn milieu-impactgegevens meten, beheren en periodiek bekendmaken aan CDP via SMOORE, als onderdeel van de wereldwijde inspanning om de klimaatverandering te verminderen.

FEELM Joins Carbon Disclosure Project as Part of SMOORE’s Drive to Tackle Climate Emergency

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– FEELM, the flagship atomization technology platform belonging to SMOORE – the world’s largest vape manufacture1, has joined the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), as part of its parent company’s listing.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220620005183/en/

(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

CDP is an independent not-for-profit organization that manages a global disclosure system and repository for environmental reporting by corporations, municipalities, and organizations around the world; and FEELM will measure, manage, and periodically disclose its environmental impact data to CDP through SMOORE, as part of the global effort to mitigate climate change.

In 2021, more than 680 financial institutions, amounting to over 130 trillion USD in assets, supported CDP’s request for data sharing, while over 13,000 companies, accounting for 64% of the world’s market capital, disclosed through CDP’s database; a renowned scoring system and benchmark tool for stakeholders to assess businesses’ sustainable actions, environmental impact data, transparency and credibility.

In May 2022, FEELM announced its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, with a strategic executive plan that includes: introducing zero-carbon vape technology solutions, adopting eco-friendly materials and green packaging, supporting the global supply chain in de-carbonization, and activating the recycling program of vape pod cartridges and devices with clients.

The action of joining CDP is a crucial step along FEELM’s pathway to achieving net-zero, and allows investors and other stakeholders to evaluate and scrutinize business activities.

Sofia Luo, Marketing Director of FEELM’s Business Division said:

“Carbon neutrality is an important component of our integrated ESG strategic plan as it helps to accelerate our business transformation. That is why FEELM follows the measures and roadmap outlined in the ‘Corporate Net-zero Pathway’ published by the UN in 2021. FEELM will press ahead with its commitment to comply with UN standards, disclose information transparently, and welcome scrutiny from international organizations and the public; in order to reach our vision of developing an eco-friendly and low-carbon economy.”

FEELM joins the world’s leading vaping/tobacco companies (British American Tobacco, Phillip Morris International, and Japan Tobacco International) in being scored by CDP, demonstrating, yet again, the global vaping industry’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact, and improve transparency.

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About FEELM:

As a flagship tech brand belonging to SMOORE, FEELM is the world’s leading closed vape system solution provider. Based on the world’s leading Ceramic Coil Heating Technology, FEELM combines authentic Flavor Reproduction Technology with innovative electronics technology, bringing ultimate sensation and premium vaping experience.


SMOORE is a global leader in offering vaping technology solutions, including manufacturing vaping devices, and vaping components for HNB products on an ODM basis, with advanced R&D technology, strong manufacturing capacity, wide-spectrum product portfolio and diverse customer base.

According to Frost & Sullivan, SMOORE is the world’s largest vaping device manufacturer in terms of revenue, accounting for 22.8% of the total global market share, in 2021. Its global market share is bigger than the sum of those listed from No.2 to No.5.

1 In terms of revenue, accounting for 16.5% of the total market share, in 2019. Source: Frost & Sullivan.


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