11:35 uur 12-07-2023

Power Alpha Defines Consistency with Its “No Fade” Experience

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Leading the charge in vaping innovation, SMOORE introduces Power Alpha, a game-changer in the world of large puff disposable vapes. Armed with four transformative features, Power Alpha stands tall, redefining the vaping industry with its unique “No Fade” technology, promising consistent, long-lasting flavor with every puff.

Consistency is a key theme highlighted in numerous large puff disposable vape reviews. A seasoned U.S. vaper noted that consistent vaping experiences are essential for user satisfaction and serve as a quality benchmark for vape products.

In the market, most large puff products use constant voltage technology. As the battery drains, the voltage drops, leading to a decrease in the vapour volume, which causes a reduction in flavor.

With Power Alpha and its cutting-edge TOPOWER battery technology, these issues become a thing of the past. The innovative technology provides the constant power and offers over 6,000 puffs without the need of charging, ensuring a stable output that doesn’t diminish with use, and thereby maintaining a consistent flavor profile throughout the product’s life.

Consumers can therefore anticipate the same rich taste with every inhale, without any compromise on intensity or quality – a superior vaping experience truly second to none. Consequently, Power Alpha’s “No Fade” technology is more than just a feature – it is a leap forward in delivering a superior vaping experience.


Ruiqi Wang


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