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FEELM Max’s ‘Palace Lantern’ Design for Environmental Protection Solution Wins Another International Award, the CMF Design Award

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Recently, the FEELM’s ‘Palace Lantern’ design for disposable solution was announced a winner of the International CMF Design Awards.

The International CMF DESIGN AWARD is the world’s first award dedicated to focusing on color, material, craftsmanship, and pattern (CMF). This award promotes the philosophies CMF design, and jointly think about the innovative value, social value, humanistic value and commercial value of CMF design.

FEELM’s award-winning work ‘Palace Lantern’ belongs to the FEELM Max and is a continuation of FEELM Max’s environmentally friendly concept of “product as packaging.” This series of solutions mainly uses renewable paper material as the shell, and a large number of PCR and bio-based materials are used in the internal structural parts to replace plastic materials. The overall plastic reduction rate reaches 60%, while also reducing carbon emissions of about 52%-58%. The entire series of solutions adopt a design that integrates product + packaging, which users can easily disassemble to separate the battery parts for sorting and recycling after use.

In addition to the highlight of the FEELM Max eco-friendly paper tube product + packaging, the ‘Palace Lantern’ continues to be creative on the product’s appearance design: by gently pushing and pulling the fold line at the atomizer nozzle, the atomizer nozzle can be easily hidden or exposed, making it more hygienic and cleaner. After using the product, you can easily remove the battery by pulling off the bottom folding line.

FEELM has already deployed a variety of disposable solutions on the environmentally friendly and sustainable concepts. The global disposable industry is currently facing severe environmental challenges. The increase in plastics, batteries and other waste caused by the product disposal has also exacerbated environmental pollution to a certain extent. As a global leader in closed-system vape technology, FEELM has always reflected on the sustainable development of the global disposable industry to launch products for the industry that are more far sighted.

FEELM had begun to proactively develop and design environmentally friendly disposable products long before the global wave in popularity for disposable vape products began. FEELM has looked to three major areas for ideas of improving sustainability: 1) replacing plastic parts with environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials, 2) reducing unnecessary packaging consumption, and 3) disassembly of the battery. Multiple solutions of the FEELM Max environmental series have made their mark on the international stage.

In addition to the ‘Palace Lantern’ series winning the International CMF Design Award, FEELM Max solution that adopted an environmentally friendly spiral and paper tube design had also won the Red Dot Award, in 2020. In the subsequent “Red Dot Award” selections in 2022 and 2023, this series of solutions was also selected consecutively.

FEELM has brought the above-mentioned environmentally friendly solutions to multiple international vaping exhibitions to showcase to global brands and consumers.


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