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38% van de respondenten van de leveranciers enquête maakt gebruik van vervroegde betaling om werkkapitaal te beheren, een stijging ten opzichte van 19% in 2017

Het nieuwste Taulia-onderzoek naar het leverancierssentiment onderzoekt vijf jaar aan gegevens, veranderende trends in de betalingsruimte en de mening van bijna 80.000 respondenten

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– 38% van de respondenten neemt maandelijks vervroegde betalingen in 2021, tegenover 19% in 2017, volgens een leveranciers sentiment enquête uitgevoerd door Taulia, de leider in oplossingen voor werkkapitaaltechnologie. Taulia’s wereldwijde leveranciers sentiment enquête wordt sinds 2017 jaarlijks uitgevoerd en geeft de mening weer van bijna 80.000 respondenten over een periode van vijf jaar.

Er is een groeiende belangstelling van leveranciers voor het regelmatig ontvangen van vervroegde betaling zodra een factuur is goedgekeurd als alternatieve financieringsbron. In 2021 was een vijfde (22%) van de leveranciers geïnteresseerd in vervroegde betaling voor elke klant, vergeleken met 15% in 2017.

38% of Supplier Survey Respondents Use Early Payment to Manage Working Capital, Up From 19% In 2017

Latest Taulia supplier sentiment survey explores five years of data, changing trends in the payment space, and the views of nearly 80,000 respondents

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– 38% of respondents take early payments monthly in 2021, up from 19% in 2017, according to a supplier sentiment survey conducted by Taulia, the leader in working capital technology solutions. Taulia’s global supplier sentiment survey has been conducted annually since 2017 and reflects the views of nearly 80,000 respondents over a five-year period.

There has been growing interest from suppliers in regularly receiving early payment once an invoice is approved as an alternative source of finance. In 2021, one-fifth (22%) of suppliers were interested in receiving early payment every time for every customer, compared to 15% in 2017.

The supplier’s reasons for taking early payments varied. In 2021, the main reasons for their interest in early payments were*:

  1. Cash flow gap (49%)
  2. Collections/payment predictability (27%)
  3. Working capital needs (21%)
  4. Ease of use (18%)
  5. Reduce DSO (7%)

There is also a clear progression towards better behaviour from businesses with a welcome decrease in late payment, which fell from 45% in 2017 to 36% in 2021. The reduction in late payments signifies improvements in automation and businesses’ desire to promote their suppliers’ financial health.

Cedric Bru, CEO of Taulia, said: “The financial health of suppliers is paramount to building robust supply chains. These results speak for themselves when it comes to showing the progress being made around ensuring that suppliers get paid as they desire – early or on-time. This year has seen significant disruption to supply chains due to a wide range of external factors, but adequate financing shouldn’t be a barrier.

“By working together, those at every point along the supply chain can support the growth of their own business and that of others by offering choice, flexibility, and consistency when it comes to getting paid. We hope to see continued progress with this for every size of business and know that by providing the best technology, we can actively help to make these choices available to as many businesses as possible.”

About the research

Taulia has held an annual Supplier Survey each year since 2017, with reports published the following year. During this period, 79,918 survey responses have been collected globally. Survey respondents were contacted via email and varied across geography, job title, and industry.

To read the full report, https://taulia.com/resources/supplier-survey-reports/supplier-survey-5-year-review/

*Note: Respondents to this question were offered the choice of multiple answers, hence the >100% totals.

About Taulia

Taulia is a leading fintech provider of working capital management solutions. Taulia helps companies access liquidity tied up in their payables, receivables and inventory. A network of more than 2 million businesses use Taulia’s platform to determine when they want to pay and be paid. Taulia processes more than $500 billion each year and is trusted by the world’s largest companies including Airbus, AstraZeneca, and Nissan.

For more information, please visit www.taulia.com.


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