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Taulia: meer dan 60% van de bedrijven is meer geïnteresseerd in vroegtijdige betaling als gevolg van COVID-19

Taulia publiceert een nieuwe Supplier Sentiment Survey om de benarde situatie van kleine bedrijven te benadrukken

SAN FRANCISCO– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Meer dan 60% van de bedrijven is meer geïnteresseerd in het aanvragen van vroegtijdige betaling (62%) en het automatiseren van factuurverwerking (66%) als gevolg van de COVID-19-pandemie, volgens een rapport uitgevoerd door werkkapitaal leider in technologieoplossingen, Taulia. Het wereldwijde rapport ontsluit belangrijke inzichten in het gedrag van leveranciers als gevolg van de impact van COVID-19, met als hoofdthema’s: een verschuiving in werkwijzen, een afname van de zakelijke vraag en een toename in de automatisering van financiële processen.

De enquête, die in juni 2020 gedurende een periode van twee weken werd uitgevoerd, verzamelde de meningen en inzichten van meer dan 9.000 wereldwijde respondenten, waarbij de meerderheid (55%) van de respondenten afkomstig was uit bedrijven met minder dan $ 10 miljoen aan inkomsten. De respondenten kregen vragen over hoe COVID-19 hun bedrijf heeft beïnvloed en hoe hun gedrag is veranderd als gevolg van de pandemie.

Taulia: Over 60% of Businesses Are More Interested in Early Payment as a Result of COVID-19

Taulia releases new Supplier Sentiment Survey to highlight the plight of small businesses

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Over 60% of businesses are more interested in requesting early payment (62%) and automating invoice processing (66%) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a report conducted by working capital technology solutions leader, Taulia. The global report unlocks key insights into supplier behavior due to the impact of COVID-19, with main themes being: a shift in working practices, a decrease in business demand, and an increase in the automation of financial processes.

The survey which was conducted over a two-week period in June 2020 collected the views and insights of over 9,000 global respondents, with the majority (55%) of respondents coming from businesses with less than USD $10 million in revenue. Respondents were asked questions about how COVID-19 has impacted their business and how their behavior has changed as a result of the pandemic.

The report found that businesses are adapting to the current environment in numerous ways, with many respondents (78%) stating they have seen a change in their customers’ working practices. This change is reflected in their own work environment, with 41% of respondents saying they will now allow staff to work from home. Respondents also noted that there has been an increase in receiving late payments (43%) and a general decrease in business demand (56%), which means managing cash flow and injecting liquidity into the business has never been more important.

“COVID-19 has disrupted the entire business world and we want to do whatever we can to help businesses, small and large, to remain operational and competitive. As a result of COVID-19, we have seen a tremendous increase in early payment requests and demand for solutions to help manage financial processes electronically. The report sheds light on current business attitudes and behavior, which we hope to use to fuel more innovation to help our customers succeed,” states Cedric Bru, CEO, Taulia.

The full COVID-19: Effects on your business report can be viewed here.

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