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Pyramid Analytics revolutionizes “Last Mile” analytics with Tabulate and Solve

Tabulate ‘business modeling’ and Solve ‘decision modeling’ showcased at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit and SAPinsider Vegas 2023 put advanced prescriptive analytics in the hands of non-technical business users

LONDON & NEW YORK & TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Pyramid Analytics (Pyramid), a leading business analytics and decision intelligence provider, announced today that it is showcasing its latest additions to its award-winning Decision Intelligence Platform—Tabulate, a powerful new business modeling module; and Solve, a decision modeling and optimization plug-in for Tabulate—at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Orlando, Florida, and at SAPinsider Vegas 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Launched in October 2022, Tabulate lets business users model business processes with data in a governed, web-based experience while Solve allows business users to easily build and deploy advanced prescriptive and optimization models to guide data-driven decision-making on live data.

Solving the last mile of analytics

In an independent research survey of data workers commissioned by Pyramid in 2022, over 50 percent of respondents who already use BI tools said they exported their analytical data to Excel 50 percent of the time or more to build business models to drive the last mile decision frameworks they need in their jobs. Pyramid added Tabulate and the Solve plug-in to address this “last mile” challenge and complete its “Data Factory for Decisions” paradigm: an end-to-end data fabric, analytics, and AI-driven assembly line that takes data from conception to decision point through a no-code, frictionless experience for business users.

Tabulate, a browser-based virtual spreadsheet that functionally matches desktop spreadsheet tools, allows business users to combine data from multiple data sources with their own business models and logic that reflects business processes that are not inherently captured in the data itself. The data is read live and directly from sources, without ingestion or duplication, vastly increasing time to insights while eliminating governance and security issues.

Solve, a plug-in for Tabulate, enables decision modeling by generating prescriptive and optimization models to drive real what-if analysis, simulations, and actual decision generation. The use cases are limitless, from supply-chain optimization to product price calculations and personnel scheduling.

Best of all, Tabulate and Solve, like all other elements in the Pyramid analytic catalog, can be deployed and consumed by other users on the Pyramid platform without ever having to take custody of the underlying models or spreadsheet content directly.

Key points:

  • For years, there has been an elusive “Last Mile” of data analytics, which hinders business users from generating answers to the question: “How do we make it happen?” The launch of Tabulate and Solve means the Pyramid Platform has bridged that gap—supporting the data journey from creation to the end-user decision point.
  • Tabulate is designed for business modeling by business users of all levels through a very familiar and comprehensive spreadsheet experience, complete with the 500+ functions found in other well-known spreadsheet tools.
  • Tabulate enables business users to build and deploy business models using live data, no matter where it is.
  • The Solve plug-in allows business users to build optimization models with complex logic waterfalls, conditions, and decision points. These can drive prescriptive analytics, optimization logic, what-if scenarios, and simulations.
  • Tabulate and Solve are the latest innovation in Pyramid’s ongoing mission to enable business users to absorb data and enrich it with models and values, embellish it through logic, and gain insights through visualization and interrogation.

In the upcoming Pyramid 2023 release, users will be able to generate spreadsheet formulas in Tabulate using GPT-based natural language from the newly announced OpenAI integration.

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Taking business intelligence to the next level

Today’s data-driven businesses are making faster, more accurate decisions based on facts rather than perception. But businesses need a platform that fully leverages all their data to become truly data-driven. Many organizations have discovered that their current business intelligence platforms are incomplete and not fit for purpose—focusing on data visualization rather than providing fast, accurate answers to actual business questions. This leaves them stuck in the past, making slow decisions, no decisions, or worse, bad decisions.

The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform changes that. It empowers people with AI augmentation, automation, and collaborative insights that simplify and guide the use of data in decision-making. It combines governed self-service analytics with AI and brings data prep, business analytics, and data science together into one frictionless platform.


Avi Perez, CTO and Co-Founder, Pyramid Analytics: “Tabulate and Solve are an exciting and mechanically crucial element in the data factory—a concept that has been part of the original Pyramid roadmap for over a decade. One of the most significant data challenges businesses face is the risks associated with moving data between standalone platforms or exporting to traditional spreadsheets stored on local machines. Tabulate removes the risks of this with governed direct connectivity, with data able to be utilized, deployed, and analyzed from any platform. Solve brings elusive prescriptive analytics to self-service ABI platforms. Both expansions help deliver true decision intelligence using real-time data.”

Omri Kohl, CEO and Co-Founder, Pyramid Analytics: “When we originally conceived the idea for the Pyramid platform, we set out to bring complex and sophisticated decision-making solutions to the general business user. Pyramid wants everyone, from CEOs to frontline workers, to gain valuable insights from data and make informed business decisions. The Tabulate and Solve expansion is the next step in the journey of making that dream a concrete reality. They combine sophistication, adaptability, functionality, and familiarity to create an easy-to-use, valuable tool for business users.”

About Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics is the next generation of decision intelligence. The award-winning Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform empowers people with AI-augmented, automated, and collaborative insights that simplify and guide the use of data in decision-making. Critically, the Pyramid Platform operates directly on any data, enabling governed self-service for any person; and meeting analytical needs in a no-code environment without data extraction, ingestion, and duplication. It combines data prep, business analytics, and data science into one frictionless platform to empower anyone with intelligent decision-making. This enables a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to business intelligence and analytics, from the simple to the sophisticated. Schedule a demo today.

Pyramid Analytics is incorporated in Amsterdam and has regional headquarters in global innovation and business centers, including London, New York City, and Tel Aviv. Our team lives worldwide because geography should not hinder talent and opportunity. Investors include H.I.G. Growth Partners, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Sequoia Capital, and Viola Growth. Learn more at Pyramid Analytics.


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