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Truffle Capital publiceert tiende editie softwareranglijst Truffle 100 Europe

PARIJS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Truffle Capital, een grote speler in Europese durfkapitaalinvesteringen, publiceert de tiende editie van zijn Truffle 100, een ranglijst van de honderd beste Europese softwarebedrijven. De lijst is samengesteld in samenwerking met branche-analisten IDC en CXP Group, die de enquête afnamen, en de Essec Business School.

Truffle 100 Europe besteedt aandacht aan de hernieuwde groei in 2014, toen de totale omzet steeg naar 62,2 miljard euro, wat een stijging van 8,3 procent was ten opzichte van 2013. Franse softwarebedrijven waren met 22 verkopers goed voor 12,2 procent van de gehele omzet en naderen de tweede plek in de ranglijst. Duitse software-uitgevers staan nog altijd bovenaan (49,8 procent met 17 bedrijven), gevolgd door het Verenigd Koninkrijk (12,4 procent met 19 bedrijven., dat Frankrijk voelt naderen.


Truffle Capital Releases the Tenth Edition of Its “Truffle 100 Europe” Ranking of the Top 100 European Software Firms

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Truffle Capital, a major player in the European venture capital industry, releases the tenth edition of the Truffle 100, its ranking of the top 100 European software companies. The “Truffle 100 Europe” is put together in collaboration with industry analysts IDC and CXP Group, which conducted the survey used for the ranking, and Essec Business School.

For 2014, the Truffle 100 Europe highlights a return to growth with total revenues of €62.2 billion, up 8.3% compared to 2013 (+2.7% in 2013). French software companies account for 12.2% of the Truffle 100’s total revenues with 22 vendors (against 11.9% with 21 publishers in 2013) and move closer to the second position of the ranking. German publishers are still leading the way (49.8% of total revenues with 17 companies) and the United-Kingdom comes second (12.4% with 19 companies), followed very closely by the French companies.

The winners of the national leaders of global scale remains unchanged: SAP continues to lead, followed by Dassault Systems. Sage and Hexagon occupy the 3 rd and 4 th position, respectively.

Software sales are up 6% to €44.419 billion.

The 2014 figures also show a continuing trend towards revenue concentration among the top 25 software companies (up 2 points to 77%) and the growing reluctance of financial markets to invest in the sector, with both of these trends already under way in 2013. The ranking also highlights a strong commitment from companies to innovation and R&D, with stable total investments of €7 billion.

Key figures from the Truffle 100 Europe 2014:

  • Promising return to revenue growth, up 8.3% to €62.2 billion, compared to +2.7% to €57.4 billion in 2013. The top 25 companies in the ranking account for 77% of the total revenue (75% in 2013);
  • Decline of financial strength: 42 companies have revenues above €200 million (compared to 50 in 2013); 65 companies have revenues above €100 million (compared to 67 in 2013); and 94 above €50 million (compared to 98 in 2013).
  • Software sales are up 6% to €44.4 billion, compared to €42 billion in 2013.
  • In 2014, 54 of the companies ranked on the Truffle 100 Europe are publicly traded (compared to 56 listed companies in 2013), representing 81.6% of total revenues (80.6% in 2013), 77.5% of R&D overall expenditures and 94.7% of R&D investments (95% in 2013);
  • The amount of investment in R&D remained stable at € 7 billion, compared to €6.9 billion in 2013.

For further information, please visit www.truffle.com and www.fcpi.fr


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