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Gasum breidt handelsmogelijkheden uit met Hansen

Hansen Technologies (ASX:HSN) is verheugd de uitbreiding van zijn samenwerking met Gasum aan te kondigen. Als onderdeel van de overeenkomst zal Gasum, een van de grootste dienstverleners op de energiemarkt in Scandinavië, het gebruik van Hansen Trade verder uitbreiden naar nieuwe handelsoplossingen. De overeenkomst bouwt voort op de bemoedigende voordelen die voortvloeien uit intraday- en day-ahead-handel, evenals de regulering van de elektriciteitsmarktoperaties, met Hansen Trade.

De nieuwe overeenkomst voegt de module Intraday Trading for Asset Optimization, evenals de FCR + FFR-module en de Market Transaction Monitoring-module toe aan de huidige Hansen Trade-mogelijkheden die door Gasum worden beheerd, waardoor Gasum de best-of-breed geautomatiseerde systemen kan gebruiken om gunstige resultaten te produceren, zero-touch automatisering te implementeren ter vervanging van dure, handmatige interventies, risico’s in de realtime intraday-markt te minimaliseren en handelsactiviteiten in de day-ahead- en intraday-markten te optimaliseren.

Gasum Expands Trading Capabilities With Hansen

Hansen Technologies (ASX:HSN) is pleased to announce the expansion of its partnership with Gasum. As part of the agreement, Gasum, one of the largest energy market service providers in the Nordic region, will further extend its use of Hansen Trade to new trading solutions. The agreement builds on the encouraging benefits accrued from intraday and day-ahead trading, as well as regulating power market operations, with Hansen Trade.

The new agreement will add the Intraday Trading for Asset Optimisation module, as well as the FCR + FFR module and the Market Transaction Monitoring module to the current Hansen Trade capabilities operated by Gasum – thereby allowing Gasum to leverage best-of-breed automated systems to produce beneficial outcomes, implementing zero-touch automation to replace costly, manual interventions, minimising risks in the real-time intraday market, and optimising trading operations in the Day-ahead and Intraday markets.

Jouni Liimatta, Head of Trading, Gasum Ltd, commented: “With a successful relationship already in place with Hansen, it was an easy decision for us to further expand the existing scope to encompass new trading solutions. Today’s volatile power markets require market participants to be able to operate in all marketplaces, and to capitalise on all value opportunities. With Hansen Trade, we can automate our trading business processes more and provide new value-additive services to our customers. Wholesale power markets are changing fast and it is imperative that we help our customers succeed in this changing business environment.”

John May, Divisional President, Energy and Utilities, Hansen Technologies, commented: “Our new agreement with Gasum is another resounding reminder of the success that Hansen Trade continues to see with several leading energy market players in the Nordic region, as well as its versatile modular approach that allows our valued customers to tackle a variety of market complexities. Against the backdrop of an ever-changing landscape and the wider transition to greener sources of energy, Hansen Trade will enable Gasum to automate critical business operations with a modern and robust cloud-native trading solution.”

Run as a cloud-based SaaS solution, Hansen Trade fully meets the flexibility and scalability demands of the evolving energy trading market.

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About Hansen Technologies

Hansen Technologies (ASX: HSN) is a leading global provider of software and services to the energy, water and communications industries. With its award-winning software portfolio, Hansen serves 600+ customers in over 80 countries, helping them to create, sell, and deliver new products and services, manage and analyse customer data, and control critical revenue management and customer support processes.

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About Gasum

Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energy market expert. Gasum offers cleaner energy and expert energy market services for industry, and for combined heat and power production as well as cleaner fuel solutions for road and maritime transport. The company helps its customers reduce their own carbon footprint as well as that of their end-customers. Together with its partners, Gasum promotes development towards a carbon-neutral future on land and at sea.

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