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SoftServe en SingularityDAO werken samen om softwareoplossingen voor crypto-activa te bouwen

Bedrijven zullen enterprise-grade computing-oplossingen naar Blockchain en Decentralized Finance brengen

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SoftServe, een toonaangevend bedrijf op het gebied van digitale autoriteit en advies, is een samenwerking aangegaan met SingularityDAO om computeroplossingen op ondernemingsniveau naar Blockchain en Decentralized Finance te brengen. SingularityDAO brengt AI-aangedreven portefeuillebeheer naar de crypto-ruimte vergelijkbaar met die van hedgefondsen in traditionele financiën, maar zonder de barrières die hoofdstraat investeerders ervan weerhouden deel te nemen.

“Deze alliantie introduceert ongekende innovatie en software-expertise voor crypto”, zegt Chris Poulin, CTO bij SingularityDAO. “SoftServe is toonaangevend op het gebied van IT-services en advies voor data-engineering-infrastructuur, systemen en beveiliging op netwerkniveau, evenals best practices in de levenscyclus van softwareontwikkeling. Met de expertise van SingularityDAO op het gebied van marktgegevens voor cryptocurrency en de beste praktijken van DeFi, is SoftServe gepositioneerd om een ​​groter deel van de IT-voorzieningsmarkt te veroveren in de opkomende cryptocurrency-categorie.”

SoftServe and SingularityDAO Partner to Build Software Solutions for Crypto Assets

Companies will bring enterprise-grade computing solutions to Blockchain and Decentralized Finance

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company, has partnered with SingularityDAO to bring enterprise-grade computing solutions to Blockchain and Decentralized Finance. SingularityDAO brings AI-powered portfolio management to the crypto space akin to that of hedge funds in traditional finance yet without the barriers that prevent main street investors from participating.

“This alliance introduces unprecedented innovation and software expertise to crypto,” said Chris Poulin, CTO at SingularityDAO. “SoftServe is at the cutting-edge of IT services and advice for data engineering infrastructure, systems and network-level security, as well as best practices in the software development lifecycle. With SingularityDAO’s expertise in cryptocurrency market data and DeFi best practice, SoftServe is positioned to capture more of the IT provision market in the emerging cryptocurrency category.”

“I believe that we are nearing a tectonic shift in the world due to crypto,” said Alex Chubay, CTO at SoftServe. “Projects in crypto and Web 3 space deserve our special attention due to their high rate of innovation and potential to create a huge impact on the fabric of our societies. This partnership will enable us to strengthen our position in building new decentralized financial instruments, and in applying our AI expertise towards Blockchain, De-Fi, and crypto, ultimately bringing SoftServe at the forefront of this space.”

With the digitization of the global financial system, enterprise adoption of decentralized financial technologies is rapidly growing, fueling the demand for emerging tech. Leveraging hands-on experience in AI, ML, Blockchain, and others, SoftServe and SingularityDAO will transform this demand into real-life use-cases in the DeFi/crypto space.

“SingularityDAO’s mission of democratizing hedge fund quality tools is not an easy one,” said Marcello Mari, CEO of SingularityDAO. “It requires the expertise of some of the world’s top players in data science, engineering, and infrastructure building. From our first meeting, it was immediately clear that SoftServe is exactly the top player we’ve been looking for. I believe that it’s a rare occurrence to have such an alignment of intents and views with such a large enterprise. Together we’ll build the backend data infrastructure for the crypto world’s analytics.”

SingularityDAO is building an advanced set of tools for crypto and DeFi market analytics which will be used to judge market conditions and make informed decisions using AI. SoftServe will work to ensure that the AI employed by SingularityDAO receives clean and reliable data in a fast and coherent manner. SoftServe will also focus on security best practices to help protect multi-million-dollar transaction assets handled by SingularityDAO, making sure the transactions meet the highest security standards.

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