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Hansen zorgt voor een nieuw tijdperk van digitale flexibiliteit en automatisering voor het Duitse wilhelm.tel

MELBOURNE, Australië–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Hansen Technologies (ASX:HSN) is verheugd vandaag aan te kondigen dat het een nieuwe overeenkomst heeft getekend met wilhelm.tel GmbH, een multi serviceprovider van telecommunicatiediensten in Duitsland.

Volgens de voorwaarden van deze overeenkomst zal Hansen de bestaande versie van wilhelm.tel van Hansen CCB-NavibillingCX upgraden naar de nieuwste versie en hun bestaande CRM-systeem vervangen. Als gevolg van deze upgrade krijgt wilhelm.tel verbeterde mogelijkheden voor klantenservice, facturering en productbeheer, evenals verbeterde boekhoud- en leveringsprocessen.

 Jens Seedorff, General Manager, wilhelm.tel, merkte op: “Onze samenwerking met Hansen heeft een sterke staat van dienst op het gebied van operationele efficiëntie. Op basis hiervan hebben we besloten dat Hansen de ideale leverancier was om het volgende hoofdstuk van ons digitale transformatie-initiatief verder mogelijk te maken – omdat we niet alleen het hoofd bieden aan veranderende verwachtingen van klanten, maar ook aan een telecommunicatiesector die een grote mate van transitie doormaakt.”

Hansen Enables a New Era of Digital Agility and Automation for Germany’s wilhelm.tel

MELBOURNE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Hansen Technologies (ASX:HSN) is pleased to announce today that it has signed a new agreement with wilhelm.tel GmbH, a multi-service provider of telecommunications services in Germany.

Under the terms of this agreement, Hansen will upgrade wilhelm.tel’s existing version of Hansen CCB–NavibillingCX to the latest version and replace their existing CRM system. As a result of this upgrade, wilhelm.tel will receive enhanced customer care, billing and product management capabilities, as well as improved accounting and provisioning processes.

Jens Seedorff, General Manager, wilhelm.tel, commented: “Our partnership with Hansen has a strong track record of operational efficiency. It was based on this that we decided that Hansen were the ideal vendor to help further enable the next chapter of our digital transformation initiative – as we confront not only changing customer expectations, but a telecommunications industry undergoing a major degree of transition as well.”

Scott Weir, Regional President, EMEA, Hansen Technologies, commented: “wilhelm.tel is a longstanding customer of Hansen, supporting their customers for over twenty years with our NavibillingCX product. We are excited to have been selected to not only upgrade wilhelm.tel to our new version of NavibillingCX – based on Microsoft Business Central – but also introduce significant new functionality that improves the customer experience, while accelerating time-to-market. wilhelm.tel’s commitment to Hansen and our product demonstrates the strength of our relationship and provides a strong foundation to future-proof their business for many years to come.”

Hansen CCB, part of the Create-Deliver-Engage Suite of software, provides flexible rating, billing and customer care for communications and pay-TV service providers. Part of the Hansen CCB product family, NavibillingCX is a tailor-made unified solution for fixed and mobile telephony, as well as broadband, IP services, cable TV and interconnect billing. It provides end-to-end customer lifecycle management, and also delivers full ERP capabilities including financial controls, reporting and analytics via Microsoft integration.

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About Hansen Technologies

Hansen Technologies (ASX: HSN) is a leading global provider of software and services to the energy, water and communications industries. With its award-winning software portfolio, Hansen serves 580+ customers in over 80 countries, helping them to create, sell, and deliver new products and services, manage and analyze customer data, and control critical revenue management and customer support processes.

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About wilhelm.tel

Founded in 1999 as a completely owned subsidiary of Stadtwerke Norderstedt, wilhelm.tel GmbH is a nationwide pioneer among operators of high-performance fiber optic networks. From the very beginning, the company has consistently followed a Fiber-to-the-Building strategy, directly connecting every building to its fiber optic network. Since 2020, wilhelm.tel has been increasingly laying fiber optics right up to apartment buildings, thus guaranteeing maximum bandwidth to the customer.

The fiber-optic network, which currently comprises around 2,500 kilometers, has long since crossed the city limits of its home market in Norderstedt and is growing steadily in the direction of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lower Saxony. wilhelm.tel regularly sets new standards nationwide with pioneering technology and products and services that are precisely tailored to customer needs. With a resulting market share of up to 90 per cent, wilhelm.tel is considered the most sought-after provider in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

In 2019, wilhelm.tel GmbH, with 130 employees, generated an annual turnover of 73 million euros.

For more information on Wilhelm.tel, visit https://www.wilhelm-tel.de/


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