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PQE Group Among the 79 Excellence Awardees of the 6th Edition of Deloitte Private’s “Best Managed Companies” Award

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– PQE Group has been recognized as one of the winners for the third time in the sixth edition of the “Best Managed Companies” Award. This award honors entrepreneurial excellence within the Made in Italy sector and is presented by Deloitte Private, in collaboration with ALTIS – Graduate School of Sustainable Management at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, ELITE-Gruppo Euronext, and Confindustria’s Small Industry division.

In this edition, the “Best Managed Companies” Award evaluates six key success factors, including strategy, skills and innovation, corporate commitment and culture, governance and performance measurement, sustainability, supply chain, and internationalization.

“We are extremely honored to receive this prestigious award for the third consecutive year,” emphasized Gilda D’Incerti, CEO & Founder of PQE Group, a specialized consulting company in the Life Sciences sector with a global presence in 43 offices. “This recognition reinforces my belief that sustainability should be much more than just a trend but rather the very future of business and the heart of successful companies. Modern society demands that businesses become true pioneers of social and environmental change, and we accept this challenge with great determination.” D’Incerti concluded, “In our 2024 strategic plan, we will further intensify our commitment to ESG goals and devote even more resources to talent development and leadership. As a consulting company, investing in human capital is a crucial asset to strengthen our competitiveness.”

“In its sixth edition this year, the award represents not only a recognition of Italian entrepreneurial excellence for what has already been achieved but is also a multi-year growth program where participating companies are supported by Deloitte experts in a journey that iteratively stimulates their development and enhancement in fundamental Award success parameters, which are crucial for managing a business. The journey becomes virtuous and long-lasting, as evidenced by the fact that over 80% of the companies have won multiple editions, with 7 companies consecutively receiving the award for six years,” commented Ernesto Lanzillo, Deloitte Partner and Leader of Deloitte Private in the Central Mediterranean region (Italy, Greece, and Malta).

“In this sixth edition, 79 Italian companies have excelled thanks to their outstanding managerial skills in a complex international landscape and have secured the BMC Award,” stated Andrea Restelli, Deloitte Partner and Italy’s Head of the Best Managed Companies program.


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