13:30 uur 17-05-2023

AI-Powered Adthos Creative Studio Revolutionizes Audio for Video and Dynamic Video Ads

AMSTERDAM & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Building on its success in providing AI-generated audio ads for radio, podcast, and streaming, the creators of Adthos have unveiled a groundbreaking new feature on the platform, expanding its capabilities to include the creation and editing of audio for video and dynamic video ads.

According to the creators, Adthos Creative Studio, which incorporates multiple AI technologies, now enables the import of videos from file, platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, or file-sharing websites. Users can then separate the audio and video components, allowing them to isolate the voice track from other sounds. By utilizing speech-to-text technology, Adthos generates a script that can be edited before reconstructing the audio track with one of the platform’s available voices. Additionally, the text can be translated into different languages, giving publishers and broadcasters the ability to quickly and easily reproduce short-form content for audiences in multiple countries. The voice track is then seamlessly reintegrated with the remaining audio and combined again with the video, before being published on social media or directly sent to ad servers.

Raoul Wedel, CEO of Adthos, said, ” As advertisers increasingly depend on multimedia campaigns to convey their message, it was a natural progression for us to extend the same flexibility that Adthos offers for audio, to video. From now on our publishing and broadcasting customers, and their advertisers have a new way to reach more audiences, in more languages and even faster than ever before”

The company of course acknowledges the potential for technology misuse and has implemented several safeguards to prevent exploitation of the platform. For more information, check out their page on Vetting & Safety Procedures.

To experience the power of Adthos Creative Studio’s AI-generated audio for video and dynamic video ads, visit https://vimeo.com/827275774/ecee306403.


About Adthos

Adthos is an innovative ad sales platform that is revolutionizing audio advertising. The first release of the platform featured first-of-a-kind ad-serving technology specifically created for radio and online streaming. The second release offers the first broadcast-quality AI-generated voice technology to create powerful, targeted advertising at a moment’s notice, including first-of-its-kind Self-Service, 100% AI-Generated Audio Ads for Radio, Podcast & Streaming


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