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Enviva juicht 550 wetenschappers toe voor openbare brief waarin het belang van houtachtige biomassa en slim bosbeheer wordt benadrukt

BETHESDA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Enviva Inc. (NYSE: EVA) (“Enviva”), ‘s werelds grootste producent van duurzaam geproduceerde houtbiomassa, heeft vandaag de volgende verklaring uitgegeven in reactie op een openbare brief van 550 wereldwijde wetenschappers verzonden aan de voorzitters van de Europese Commissie, het Europees Parlement en de Europese Raad, waarin zij de talrijke klimaatvoordelen van houtachtige biomassa en duurzaam bosbeheer uiteenzetten:

Enviva juicht 550 wereldwijde wetenschappers toe voor hun brief waarin ze de belangrijke rol benadrukken die houtachtige biomassa uit duurzaam beheerde bossen kan spelen bij het tegengaan van klimaatverandering, het zorgen voor een toekomst zonder fossiele brandstoffen en het behoud van gezonde bossen. Dit omvat duurzaam gewonnen houtachtige biomassa uit gezonde bossen in het zuidoosten van de VS. De opvattingen van deze zeer gerespecteerde wetenschappers sluiten aan bij Enviva’s missie en aanpak om klimaatverandering te bestrijden, en we waarderen hun publieke standpunt.

Enviva Applauds 550 Scientists for Public Letter Highlighting the Importance of Woody Biomass and Smart Forest Management

BETHESDA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Enviva Inc. (NYSE: EVA) (“Enviva”), the world’s leading producer of sustainably sourced wood biomass, today issued the following statement in response to a public letter from 550 global scientists sent to the Presidents of the European Commission, European Parliament, and European Council outlining numerous climate benefits of woody biomass and sustainable forest management:

Enviva applauds 550 global scientists for their letter highlighting the important role that woody biomass from sustainably managed forests can play in climate change mitigation, delivering a fossil fuel-free energy future, and maintaining healthy forests. This includes sustainably sourced woody biomass from healthy forests in the U.S. Southeast. The views of these highly respected scientists align with Enviva’s mission and approach to fighting climate change, and we appreciate their public stance.

Importantly, as the EU progresses its discussions on the Renewable Energy Directive, we believe these expert perspectives, based on science and deep expertise in forest management and ecology, will help inform the policy debate surrounding the use of woody biomass in meeting the EU’s climate targets.

Enviva remains committed to responsible forest stewardship and supplying sustainably sourced wood bioenergy, providing our customers the opportunity to reduce their lifecycle carbon emissions and address climate commitments.

The full letter, “Scientist Letter regarding the need for climate smart forest management,” is available here.

About Enviva

Enviva is the world’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets, a renewable and sustainable energy source produced by aggregating a natural resource, wood fiber, and processing it into a transportable form, wood pellets. Enviva owns and operates ten plants with a combined production capacity of approximately 6.2 million metric tons per year in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi, and is constructing its eleventh plant, in Epes, Alabama. The Epes plant is projected to add 1.1 million MTPY – approximately an 18% increase – to Enviva’s production capacity, and is expected to be the world’s largest wood pellet production plant once constructed. Enviva sells most of its wood pellets through long-term, take-or-pay off-take contracts with creditworthy customers in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Japan, helping to accelerate the energy transition and to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors like steel, cement, lime, chemicals, and aviation fuels. Enviva exports its wood pellets to global markets through its deep-water marine terminals at the Port of Chesapeake, Virginia, the Port of Wilmington, North Carolina, and the Port of Pascagoula, Mississippi, and from third-party deep-water marine terminals in Savannah, Georgia, Mobile, Alabama, and Panama City, Florida.

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