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Verimatrix lanceert Secure Delivery Platform om inkomstenbescherming, flexibiliteit en toegevoegde waarde te bieden voor het beveiligen van inhoud, applicaties en apparaten

Lancering zet de stap van Verimatrix voort om moderne, cloud gebaseerde anti-piraterij- en cyber beveiligingsoplossingen te bieden waarmee klanten hun onderneming kunnen beschermen, nieuwe tools kunnen uitproberen, sneller kunnen integreren, groei mogelijk maken en op SaaS-snelheid kunnen schalen

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, Frankrijk & SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Verimatrix, (Euronext Paris: VMX) (Paris:VMX), de leider in het versterken van de moderne verbonden wereld met mensgerichte beveiliging, kondigde vandaag de lancering aan van de Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform.

Het Verimatrix Security Delivery Platform is een krachtig cloud-ecosysteem dat cyberbeveiligings- en anti-piraterijdiensten combineert in één enkele ervaring en ongeëvenaarde waarde biedt aan mediabedrijven, content eigenaren, streaming media-aanbieders en uitzendoperators over de hele wereld. Door hun inhoud, applicaties en apparaten in een uniforme gebruikerservaring te beveiligen, biedt het platform nieuwe niveaus van efficiëntie en kostenbesparingen, terwijl het de inkomstenbescherming en flexibiliteit aanzienlijk versnelt.

Verimatrix Launches Secure Delivery Platform to Provide Revenue Protection, Agility and Additive Value for Securing Content, Applications and Devices

Launch continues Verimatrix’s move toward providing modern, cloud-based anti-piracy and cybersecurity solutions that enable customers to protect their enterprise, trial new tools, onboard faster, enable growth, and scale at SaaS speed

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France & SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Verimatrix, (Euronext Paris: VMX) (Paris:VMX), the leader in powering the modern connected world with people-centered security, today announced the launch of the Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform.

The Verimatrix Security Delivery Platform is a powerful cloud ecosystem that combines cybersecurity and anti-piracy services into a single pane of glass experience, providing unparalleled value to media companies, content owners, streaming media providers and broadcast operators worldwide. By securing their content, applications and devices in a unified user experience, the platform offers new levels of efficiency and cost savings while greatly accelerating revenue protection and agility.

The Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform has been available to selected customers who expressed early interest in our cloud offerings. Today marks the official launch of the following products available on the platform:

Streamkeeper DRM: Cloud-based digital rights management for securing premium movies, television programs and live steaming events such as sports, concerts and red-carpet premieres.

Verimatrix App Shield: Zero code hardening of iOS and Android mobile applications that are self-defending to protect against reverse engineering and other hacker attacks, which includes a monitoring dashboard that allows customers to examine the threat profile of their installed user base and drill down into the risk score of an individual app instance.

Real-Time Monitoring: Spanning cloud analytics for on-premise deployments of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) all the way to the company’s novel SaaS native cloud DRM and anti-piracy services, providing insights that drive viewer engagement, increase net-positives, reduce churn and ensure that content is always offered at the right price.

Streamkeeper Counterspy: The industry’s first battle-ready cybersecurity plus anti-piracy solution engineered to hunt down and take out video piracy, Streamkeeper includes Counterspy, the autonomous injection of an anti-piracy security agent utilizing Verimatrix’ proprietary zero code technology; which allows customers to add deep, defensive countermeasures, plus monitor their clients, without the hassle of a huge integration effort.

Key strategic partners, such as encoders, players, middleware vendors and content delivery networks (CDNs) are able to connect their services to the Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform to enable free trials, provide faster onboardings, and assist joint customers improve their bottom line. The Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform will accelerate additive value adoption through a global network of trusted partners such as Ateme, Broadpeak, NexPlayer, MUSO, Telestream, THEO Technologies, Velocix, and more.

“The Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform is a continuation of the company’s modernization strategy; moving from on-premise to bold, new cloud-based anti-piracy and cybersecurity solutions that enable customers to scale at SaaS speed,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, Chief Operating Officer and President at Verimatrix. “It’s all about bringing value to customers that they cannot easily attain in market by themselves, such as accessing advanced anti-piracy tracking and takedown capabilities, enhancing picture quality even after security is applied, or reducing integration complexity and time to launch thanks to autonomous, zero code injection capabilities. We are excited to officially launch our platform today.”

To learn more about the Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform, go to: www.verimatrix.com/platform/. For information on becoming a platform partner, visit: www.verimatrix.com/partners.

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Verimatrix (Euronext Paris: VMX) helps power the modern connected world with security made for people. We protect digital content, applications, and devices with intuitive, people-centered and frictionless security. Leading brands turn to Verimatrix to secure everything from premium movies and live streaming sports, to sensitive financial and healthcare data, to mission-critical mobile applications. We enable the trusted connections our customers depend on to deliver compelling content and experiences to millions of consumers around the world. Verimatrix helps partners get to market faster, scale easily, protect valuable revenue streams, and win new business. Visit www.verimatrix.com.


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