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GIGABYTE bezoekt CES opnieuw en nodigt deelnemers uit om sectoren vanuit een ander perspectief te verkennen

TAIPEI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– GIGABYTE sluit zich aan bij CES Virtual met zijn website-extensie –sector– om producten en oplossingen te presenteren die de digitale transformatie stimuleren in sectoren als 5G en telecom, automotive, creative & gaming, datacenters, productie en detailhandel.

Dit persbericht bevat multimedia. Bekijk de volledige release hier: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211229005431/en/

GIGABYTE is er trots op een ongelooflijk diep portfolio van enterprise-producten te hebben die cloud-, edge- en datacenters ondersteunen. Er zijn meer dan 75 servers voor alleen AMD EPYC CPU, evenals Intel Xeon Scalable CPU, en meer dan 10 servers voor Ampere Altra CPU, en niet te vergeten meer dan 20 server-moederborden. GIGABYTE biedt edge-servers die zijn ontwikkeld op basis van Arm-architectuur. Deze Arm-servers met hoge dichtheid, die gebruik maken van Ampere’s enorme 80/128-core CPU, bieden de prestaties, opslag, netwerk en vooral de flexibiliteit om te worden ingezet voor de volgende generatie telecommunicatie waarbij verwerkingswerk ter plaatse moet worden uitgevoerd. De serveroplossingen van GIGABYTE zijn ook toepasbaar op verschillende sectoren en worden zeer gewaardeerd door grote en kleine hightechbedrijven, medische, wetenschappelijke, academische onderzoeksinstellingen en openbare instellingen, enz., en hebben hen met succes geholpen bij innovatie en doorbraken in hun vakgebied.

GIGABYTE Revisits CES and Invites Participants to Explore Industries From a Different Perspective

TAIPEI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– GIGABYTE is joining CES Virtual with its website extension – INDUSTRY – to present products and solutions that propel digital transformation in industries such as 5G & telecom, automotive, creative & gaming, data centers, manufacturing, and retail.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211229005431/en/

(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

GIGABYTE takes pride in having an incredibly deep portfolio of enterprise products that support cloud, edge, and data centers. There are over 75 servers for AMD EPYC CPU alone, as well as Intel Xeon Scalable CPU, and over 10 servers for Ampere Altra CPU, and not to forget over 20 server motherboards. GIGABYTE offers edge servers developed based on Arm architecture. These high-density Arm servers, using Ampere’s massive 80 / 128 core CPU, provide the performance, storage, network, and above all, the flexibility to be deployed for the next generation of telecommunications where processing work needs to be done on-site. GIGABYTE’s server solutions are also applicable to various industries, and are highly valued by large and small high-tech companies, medical, scientific, academic research, and public institutions, etc., and have successfully assisted them in innovation and breakthroughs in their fields.

Our industries are undergoing an invigorating metamorphosis as AI, HPC, IoT, and other breakthroughs bring about a paradigm shift. MyelinTek Inc., an investee company of GIGABYTE developed a deep learning system MLSteam, which includes optimized AI software stacking and comprehensive management tools in a user-friendly interface to make it easier for scientists to train and develop AI integration for autonomous vehicles. With the rapid development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology, GIGABYTE designs decision-making control units for different types of autonomous vehicles, as well as customized products such as ADAS ECUs, TCUs, assisting vehicles designers to develop their ideal products and improve the automotive industry.

GIGABYTE has years of proven experience in embedded computers and brought its latest generation of embedded systems to increase the operability of storage, logistic, and manufacturing facilities while lowering labor and management costs with the innovation of AGV, AMR, and Industrial Automation Security System. In the post-pandemic era, GIGABYTE’s embedded solutions integrated with AI and IoT technology helped automate the operation and management of open space rentals, allowing such new services to flourish.

GIGABYTE’s reputation to invent top-notch products with innovative VRM and thermal design makes the task to optimize overclocking performance on the latest Intel® Core™ CPUs easy and effective. The Z690 series motherboards provide beyond the essential features and power for both professional creators and gamers alike. Performance is the key to both immersive gameplay and smooth workflow, and GIGABYTE has taken performance above all else with this generation’s AORUS gaming laptops and the AERO creator laptops which are to be released in early 2022.

GIGABYTE has recently launched INDUSTRY to demonstrate its most pivotal products and solutions for different industries. One of the biggest highlights of the platform is its live chat function. GIGABYTE has arranged experts, who have keen insights on the industries, to standby the live chat and answer questions and inquiries made by CES visitors and buyers as they would at the physical venue. The live chat uses AI-generated avatars to show the status of its live experts, and also as a way to embrace the ‘metaverse’ where virtual merges with reality. The INDUSTRY platform will host all products and solutions GIGABYTE is presenting at CES including trendy topics highlighted in the event and more. GIGABYTE welcomes all visitors to connect through this digital platform and see their industries from different perspectives.

INDUSTRY: https://industry.gigabyte.com

Visit GIGABYTE on CES Digital: https://gbte.tech/ces2022


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