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NetApp vereenvoudigt en versnelt digitale transformatie voor klanten door middel van diepgaande, toonaangevende public cloud-relaties

NetApp ONTAP is de enige storage- en data management software die nu native beschikbaar is in de top drie van public clouds, waardoor organisaties een hybride multicloud-datafabric kunnen bouwen

SAN JOSE, Californië–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), een wereldwijd, door de cloud geleid, datacentrisch softwarebedrijf, kondigde vandaag aanhoudende groei en momentum aan om organisaties te helpen het beste van de cloud te ontsluiten tegen lagere kosten, door middel van samenwerking met ‘s werelds drie grootste openbare clouds.

De uitbreiding van NetApp in de cloud is gedreven door klanten en ondersteund door deze partnerschap, waardoor de klanten- en financiële groei van NetApp’s openbare cloud services wordt versneld door zijn toonaangevende CloudOps- en ITOps-oplossingen naar bestaande en nieuwe adresseerbare klanten te brengen. NetApp verwierf zijn investering in de cloud door Data Mechanics begin fiscale jaar (FY)’22 over te nemen, en deze maand kondigde het de intentie aan om CloudCheckr over te nemen om de bestaande continue cloud optimalisatie mogelijkheden van het Spot by NetApp-portfolio te versterken.

NetApp Simplifies and Speeds Digital Transformation for Customers Through Deep, Industry-Leading Public Cloud Relationships

NetApp ONTAP is the only storage and data management software now available natively in the top three public clouds, enabling organizations to build a hybrid multicloud data fabric

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) a global, cloud-led, data-centric software company, today announced continued growth and momentum helping organizations unlock the best of cloud at less cost, through its collaboration with the world’s three largest public clouds.

NetApp’s expansion in the cloud has been driven by customers and supported by these partnerships, accelerating NetApp’s public cloud services’ customer and financial growth by bringing its leading CloudOps and ITOps solutions to existing and new addressable customers. Furthering its investment in the cloud, NetApp acquired Data Mechanics in early fiscal year (FY)’22, and this month announced the intent to acquire CloudCheckr to bolster the Spot by NetApp portfolio’s existing continuous cloud optimization capabilities.

This growth, driven by NetApp’s ONTAP data management software, which provides high-performance shared storage for file and block workloads, has propelled the native integration of NetApp’s cloud file services into each of the major public clouds.

“The three largest public clouds in the world are choosing NetApp, because customers are choosing ONTAP,” said Anthony Lye, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Public Cloud Services at NetApp. “Our strategy has positioned ONTAP as the native shared storage solution with rich data services inside the three public clouds. Now, our public cloud partners provide customers with the simplest path to the cloud and allow them to derive the most value from their data and applications.”

“The completeness of NetApp’s offering, combined with the ability to address a very broad set of storage use cases beyond cloud file storage, and the availability as a Tier 1 offering both on AWS and Azure, makes it a compelling choice,” said Enrico Signoretti, Senior Data Storage Analyst at GigaOm.1

Microsoft Azure

NetApp has partnered with Microsoft for nearly 30 years. In 2021 Microsoft recognized NetApp as the global Customer Experience Partner of the Year, and the U.S. SAP on Azure Partner of the Year. In the last 12 months, NetApp has more than tripled the number of co-sells offered on the Azure Marketplace, making it easy for Azure customers to consume NetApp’s leading cloud services.

Since its general availability in 2019, Azure NetApp Files (ANF), a fully managed, first-party service sold, billed, and supported by Microsoft in 35+ regions globally and is the first and only shared file service certified for use with SAP HANA. Recent innovations with Azure include the general availability of Azure Cross Region Replication, public preview of Azure NetApp Files Backup to preserve storage efficiencies, and of Spot PC for secure, optimized Azure Virtual Desktop-based Cloud PC environments.

“Alongside NetApp, we have worked with ANF customers to successfully migrate and run some of their largest and most important ONTAP production workloads, enabling the most demanding applications with performance and scale that meets or beats what they get on-premises,” said Jurgen Willis, Vice President, Product Management at Microsoft Azure Storage.

“With ANF, we get scalability and flexibility, which is important for businesses to run and have a faster time-to-market for their products,” said Lalit Patel, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Cloud Services at SAP. “We are able to deploy environments almost 30 to 40 percent faster and reduce the number of outages by 80 percent because of the stability that ANF provides.”

Google Cloud

NetApp and Google Cloud began collaborating in 2018, introduced NetApp Cloud Volumes Service (CVS) for Google Cloud in 2019, and launched NetApp Astra with support for Google Cloud in 2020. Earlier this month Google announced that NetApp would serve as the primary data and storage vendor for its new Google Distributed Cloud Hosted offering and introduced the integration of Google Cloud VMware Engine with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service support for VM datastores – a fully managed service that helps organizations meet their need for virtual workload storage and disaster recovery.

“Our partnership with NetApp continues to grow, rolling out new capabilities that will make it easier and more cost-effective to deliver enterprise workloads on Google Cloud and bringing customers even more flexibility across hybrid and cloud deployments,” said Bronwyn Hastings, Vice President Global Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud.

“With NetApp’s deep integrations with Google Cloud, we’re reaping all of the benefits of the cloud as a service, with configurations preset, elasticity built-in and disaster recovery capabilities in place within five minutes,” said Tom Gentry, Technologist at Gunpowder. “By making the technology challenges disappear for these studios, we’re able to deliver the high performance our customers need anywhere in the world.”

Additionally, Spot by NetApp and Google Cloud have partnered to help companies take full advantage of the recently announced Google Spot VMs. With this, Google Cloud customers can continuously optimize performance, availability and cost with Spot by NetApp for cloud cost savings without the risk of service interruption.

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1 Source: GigaOm, Radar for Cloud File Systems, September 22, 2021


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