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Centrale bloedbank van Koeweit kiest voor Biolog-transfusieoplossing om het beheer van bloedcomponenten te upgraden

PARIJS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Na een openbare raadpleging heeft biolog-id, een wereldwijde dienstverlener van geconnecteerde zorgoplossingen, via zijn lokale partner ATC, de toekenning gekregen van het ministerie van Volksgezondheid om Biolog Transfusion Solution in te zetten in de Centrale Bloedbank van Koeweit ( KCBB), de uitbater van de nationale bloedbank.

In de loop der jaren heeft KCBB een zeer hoog wetenschappelijk niveau bereikt en heeft het een welverdiende reputatie opgebouwd voor de kwaliteit van zijn bloedvoorzieningsketen. In het Midden-Oosten wordt deze instelling erkend als een toonaangevende instelling voor de kwaliteit van haar bloedvoorzieningsprocessen en als een early adopter van toonaangevende innovatie. Op het internationale toneel is de KCBB ook een pionier geweest op het gebied van de AABB (American Association of Blood Banks)-accreditatie en is zij al lange tijd lid en belangrijke bijdrage aan de aanbevelingen van de ISBT (International Society of Blood Transfusion).

Kuwait Central Blood Bank Chooses Biolog Transfusion Solution to Upgrade Blood Components’ Management

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– After a public consultation, biolog-id, a global service provider of connected healthcare solutions, through its local partner ATC, has been awarded by the Ministry of Health to deploy Biolog Transfusion Solution in Kuwait Central Blood Bank (KCBB), the national blood bank operator.

Over the years, KCBB has reached a very high scientific level and has acquired a well-deserved reputation for the quality of its blood supply chain. In the Middle East region, this institution is recognized as a leading institution for the quality of its blood supply processes and as an early adopter of leading-edge innovation. On the international stage, the KCBB has also been a pioneer in the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) accreditation and is for long a member and significant contributor to the ISBT’s (International Society of Blood Transfusion) recommendations.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the transfusion supply chain, KCBB has chosen to adopt the cutting-edge technology Biolog Transfusion Solution to better drive its operations. Based on RFID, this modular solution combines tags, equipment, and software to offer accurate visibility on blood products throughout the transfusion chain. Designed for healthcare professionals, the solution will support KCBB to enhance GMPs and safety for all processed blood units (Red Blood Cells, Platelets & Plasma).

“We are very honored that KCBB relies on our technology to optimize its processes and its blood distribution tracking”, states Philippe Jacquet, Executive Director of Sales EMEA/LATAM at biolog-id. “This major achievement has been facilitated by our partner in Kuwait, Advanced Technology Company (ATC), who has been instrumental in the management of this project and who will coordinate the implementation of our solution”.

“ATC is very pleased and honored to have been awarded for this project, which will be the first implementation of the state-of-the-art Biolog Transfusion Solution at the prestigious Kuwait Central Blood Bank and its branches. This implementation will definitively be a millstone in the midst of continuous improvement of blood supply safety and blood processing in Kuwait” said M. Mahmoud Chehime, Director – Specialty Diagnostics & LS at ATC.

Biolog Transfusion Solution will be deployed in the Kuwait Central Blood Bank as well as three distant Blood Banks. This implementation will strengthen biolog-id’s presence in the Middle East region, already installed in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

About biolog-id:

Biolog-id develops and implements innovative solutions, that digitally transform routine processes into actionable data supporting better operational and strategic decisions for sensitive therapeutic products.

The information generated by biolog-id solutions is available to Healthcare Professionals at any time, enhancing their processes efficiency, work conditions and ultimately the safety of the therapeutics administered to patients.

Biolog-id’s patented platform is utilized in North America, Europe, Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific. Biolog-id is owned by its founder, managers, and Xerys Invest. Xerys Invest is a French investment company primarily positioned on trending sectors that include healthcare & Life Sciences, renewable energy/GreenTech and new digital technologies.

Company URL: www.biolog-id.com

About Kuwait Central Blood Bank:

The Kuwait Central Blood Bank’s (KCBB) mission is meeting the country’s needs of the patients for safe, high quality and provision of all transfusion services under the supervision of the government. Provision of educational materials and introduction of awareness of the importance of the blood donation to the public.

KCBB URL: www.kuwaitcentralbloodbank.wordpress.com

About Advanced Technology Company:

ATC is a medical equipment supplier to the Kuwait healthcare sector since 1981. Over time, the Company has become the leading distributor and marketer of state-of-the-art healthcare and environmental products and services.

ATC URL: www.atc.com.kw


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