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Benoeming van Jean-Luc Bélingard tot voorzitter van de raad van toezicht van Biolog-id

PARIJS– (BUSINESS WIRE) – De leden van de Raad van Commissarissen van Biolog-id hebben Jean-Luc Bélingard gekozen als voorzitter van de Raad van Commissarissen van het bedrijf. Hij volgt de oprichter, Jean-Claude Mongrenier, op, die het vice-voorzitterschap op zich zal nemen. Deze benoeming gaat in op 1 januari 2021.

Biolog-id heeft een unieke expertise ontwikkeld in verbonden zorgoplossingen en biedt een baanbrekende innovatie die de levenscyclus van gevoelige therapeutische producten (concentraten van rode bloedcellen, bloedplaatjes, plasma, chemotherapiepreparaten) betrouwbaarder maakt en hun toediening aan patiënten veiligstelt.

Jean-Luc Bélingard is een doorgewinterde marktleider met een internationale carrière in de farmaceutische sector, de biowetenschappen en de diagnostiek. Hij heeft 40 jaar ervaring bij enkele van de grootste farmaceutische bedrijven, met name bij Roche, waar hij lid was van het Group Executive Committee (Bazel, Zwitserland). Sinds 2011 was hij CEO en vervolgens voorzitter van bioMérieux voordat hij in 2018 het vice-voorzitterschap van Institut Mérieux op zich nam.

Benoeming van Jean-Luc Bélingard tot voorzitter van de raad van toezicht van Biolog-id

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The members of the Supervisory Board of Biolog-id elected Jean-Luc Bélingard as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company. He succeeds to its founder, Jean-Claude Mongrenier, who will assume the vice-presidency. This appointment comes into effect on January 1st, 2021.

Biolog-id has developed unique expertise in connected healthcare solutions and offers a breakthrough innovation that makes the life cycle of sensitive therapeutic products (red blood cell concentrates, platelets, plasma, chemotherapy preparations) more reliable, and secures their administration to patients.

Jean-Luc Bélingard is a seasoned industry leader with an international career in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and diagnostics sector. He comes with 40 years of experience with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, notably at Roche where he was a member of the Group Executive Committee (Basel, Switzerland). Since 2011, he has served as CEO and then Chairman of bioMérieux before taking on, in 2018, the Vice-Presidency of Institut Mérieux.

“It is an honor and a responsibility for me to join and support Biolog-id in a new stage of its development. Biolog-id is a company with a promising future. It patented a connected solution, Medical Device certified, which offers great added value in terms of public healthcare, with significant economic and social impacts. It makes it possible to strengthen the safety of medical procedures, improve the working conditions of healthcare professionals, reduce operational costs and prevent the loss of sensitive health products. This set of added values is a guarantee of quality and safety for patients and healthcare establishments. By accepting this mandate as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, I hope, along with the management team and employees, to contribute to the success of this innovative company”, declares Jean-Luc Bélingard.

“As the founder of the company, I am happy to hand over my functions to Jean-Luc Bélingard, with whom I share the same vision of the company, based on humanist values. Biolog-id will benefit from its extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and its governance skills. In particular, he will be responsible for leading the introduction of Biolog-id on the Nasdaq, its listing being planned as of 2022 “, announces Jean-Claude Mongrenier.

“The appointment of Jean-Luc Bélingard as Chairman of the Supervisory Board will allow Biolog-id to benefit from a high-level leadership executive with an indisputable influence. This is an important appointment for the international development of the company and for its upcoming IPO. I am convinced that he will be able to capitalize on this flagship of the FrenchTech 120 to make it go through new major stages, “confirms Jacques Simonnet, founder of the Xerys Group which has already funded Biolog-id up to about fifty million euros and is preparing a capital increase of more than 20 million euros.

About Biolog-id

Biolog-id has designed an intelligent and patented solution for the management and traceability of sensitive healthcare products (red blood cell concentrates, plasma, platelets, chemotherapy preparations), in order to optimize their supply chain from donor to patient. Present in North America, Europe, the Middle East, India and the Asia-Pacific region, Biolog-id has about a hundred employees around the world. The Biolog-connect® solution is protected by more than 100 international patents. Biolog-id is the property of its founder and the Xerys Funds.

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