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All India Institute of Medical Sciences voltooit de evaluatie van de Biolog-id Transfusion®-oplossing om rode bloedcellen te beheren

NEW DELHI-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Afronding van de voorbereidende fase van een relatie die bijna 18 maanden geleden van start ging, hebben AIIMS (New Delhi, India) en Biolog-id (Parijs, Frankrijk) met succes een meerfasen evaluatieprotocol van de Biolog-id Transfusion®-oplossing voltooid. Deze studie was bedoeld om binnen deze prestigieuze instelling het volledige beheer en de traceerbaarheid van RBC (Red Blood Cells bags) te valideren, van de bloedkwalificatie tot de transfusie naar een patiënt. Na de succesvolle afronding van het Fase 1 standalone voorraadbeheer van RBC-zakken door de Biolog-id Transfusion® in de hoofdbloedbank, werd begin september gestart met fase 2 & 3 van de evaluatie.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences Finalizes the Biolog-id Transfusion® Solution Evaluation to Manage Red Blood Cells

NEW DELHI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Concluding the preliminary phase of a relationship started almost 18 months ago, AIIMS (New Delhi, India) and Biolog-id (Paris, France) have successfully completed a multi-phases evaluation protocol of the Biolog-id Transfusion® solution. This study was designed to validate within this prestigious institution, the complete management and traceability of Red Blood Cells bags (RBC) from blood qualification to transfusion to a patient. After the successful completion of the Phase 1 standalone inventory management of RBC bags by the Biolog-id Transfusion® at the Main Blood Bank, phases 2 & 3 of the evaluation were started early September.

Phase 2 has allowed to demonstrate the remote inventory management and full real time traceability between the Main Blood Bank and the Emergency Room, and importantly, allowing the healthcare professionals to assign and release RBC units with an automatic update of the database avoiding all possible human error in assignation and loss of products due to expiration or out of range transportation condition.

The evaluation has been concluded over the month of October by a third phase with the implementation of the Biolog-id X-Match module to secure the final transfusion stage at the patient bed side. This ultimate product-patient control ensures the match to avoid any transfusion mistake that could end by a major healthcare accident.

The three phases are now successfully completed. The request to the administration of the institution of a formal process towards a complete implementation of the Biolog-id Transfusion solution.


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