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Verenigd Koninkrijk: Biolog-id en Nicholson Consulting Ltd werken samen om een demonstratielaboratorium te ontwikkelen om biologische transfusie-oplossingen te demonstreren

PARIJS– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Biolog-id, een wereldwijde dienstverlener van verbonden zorgoplossingen, en Nicholson Consulting Ltd, een innovatief advies- en ingenieursbedrijf gespecialiseerd in bloedtransfusies, bundelen hun krachten om een demonstratielaboratorium op te zetten in Malvern Hills Science Park, in het zuiden van Birmingham. Deze co-branded demo-omgeving zal op de Britse markt de geavanceerde productlijn van biolog-id presenteren: Biolog Transfusion Solution.

Biolog Transfusion Solution is gebaseerd op de RFID-technologie en is ontworpen om te voldoen aan de behoeften van alle betrokken actoren in de toeleveringsketen van bloedtransfusie. Door software, apparatuur en tags te combineren, biedt deze baanbrekende innovatie de mogelijkheid om elk toepassingsgebied in realtime te beheren, van inzameling en productie in het bloedcentrum, centrale en externe inventarisatie bij de bloedbanken tot het toedienen van bloedpreparaten aan het bed van de patiënt.

The United Kingdom: Biolog-id and Nicholson Consulting Ltd Cooperate to Develop a Demonstration Lab to Showcase Biolog Transfusion Solution

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Biolog-id, a global service provider of connected healthcare solutions, and Nicholson Consulting Ltd, an innovative consulting and engineering company specialized in the blood transfusion field, join their forces to set up a demonstration lab located at Malvern Hills Science Park, in the south of Birmingham. This co-branded demo environment will showcase to the UK market the biolog-id’s cutting-edge product-line: Biolog Transfusion Solution.

Based on the RFID technology, Biolog Transfusion Solution has been designed to respond to the needs of all the actors involved along the blood transfusion supply chain. By combining software, equipment and tags, this breakthrough innovation offers to manage in real-time each application area, from collection and manufacturing at the blood centre, central and remote inventory at the blood banks to blood compound administration at patient’s bedside.

Flexible and reliable, the biolog-id technology generates value throughout the lifecycle of blood products to help healthcare professionals better drive their operations. Benefits that customers will be able to discover from the opening of the showroom, scheduled for early June.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with biolog-id to successfully implement this project. This demonstration lab will be a real asset for our potential customers: this will not only allow them to see Biolog Transfusion Solution in real-world but also experiment and handle it”, declares Gordon Nicholson, Managing Director at Nicholson Consulting Ltd.

“Beyond presenting our solutions, this demonstration laboratory will allow us to test and validate new equipment aimed at strengthening our offer. We have full confidence in our local partner who will be able to effectively manage this innovation facility, the first for biolog-id”, says Philippe Jacquet, Executive Director of Sales EMEA/LATAM at biolog-id.

Present in 14 countries all over the world, biolog-id continues its development over the Channel with the implementation of this new demonstration laboratory. In the United Kingdom, the Biolog Transfusion Solution has already been adopted by the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) to efficiently manage the supply of blood products to different remote centres and communities.

About biolog-id:

Biolog-id develops and implements innovative solutions, that digitally transform routine processes into actionable data supporting better operational and strategic decisions for sensitive therapeutic products: blood products (red blood cells, platelets, plasma), chemotherapies, parenteral nutrition.

The information generated by biolog-id solutions is available to Healthcare Professionals at any time, enhancing their processes efficiency, work conditions and ultimately the safety of the therapeutics administered to patients.

Biolog-id’s patented platform is utilized in North America, Europe, Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific. Biolog-id is owned by its founder, managers, and the Xerys Funds. Xerys Gestion is a French investment company primarily positioned on trending sectors that include healthcare & Life Sciences, renewable energy/GreenTech and new digital technologies.

Company URL: www.biolog-id.com

About Nicholson Consulting Ltd:

Nicholson Consulting Ltd is a SME innovation company working in the specialist field of blood component production and in the design of blood collection systems both for human and animal transfusion. The company is based in the Malvern Hills Science Park and the staff have a combined experience of over 50 years working in Blood Transfusion Service and hospital haematology laboratories. More recently the company has been in a collaboration with a major blood pack supplier to assist in their R&D and product validation programmes.


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