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Biolog-id Italia is via zijn distributeur PACO srl bekroond door «Azienda Sanitaria Locale in Pescara» voor de aanbesteding van het beheer van labiele bloedproducten

MILAAN-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Na een manifestatie van belangstelling en de daaropvolgende aanbesteding die in 2019 door de Azienda Sanitaria in Pescara werd gepubliceerd, kreeg PACO srl, de distributeur van Biolog-id, medio januari 2020 het contract met de Biolog-id Transfusion® -oplossing voor het beheer van labiele bloedproducten!

De grote bloedbank in de regio Abruzzo heeft een contract voor 4 jaar getekend om hun voorraad rode bloedcellenconcentraten, vers ingevroren plasma en bloedplaatjes te beheren. De oplossing beheert alle processen van bloedafname tot toewijzing aan een patiënt en traceert de transporten van bloedproducten, inclusief temperatuurregeling, tussen de bloedbankopslag en 2 afgelegen ziekenhuizen.

Biolog-id Italia Through Its Distributor PACO srl, Have Been Awarded by « Azienda Sanitaria Locale in Pescara » the Tender for Managing Labile Blood Products

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Following a manifestation of interest and the subsequent tender published in 2019 by the Azienda Sanitaria in Pescara, PACO srl, Biolog-id’s distributor, was awarded the contract mid-January 2020 with the Biolog-id Transfusion® solution for the management of labile Blood products!

The major Blood bank in Abruzzo region has signed a contract for 4 years to manage their stock of red blood cells concentrates, fresh frozen plasma & platelets. The Solution will manage all the processes from blood collection to assignation to a patient and will trace the blood products transportations, including temperature control, between the Blood Bank storage and 2 remote hospitals.

These key features are made possible through the Biolog-Transfusion® solution, an RFID-enabled supply chain solution that allows to encode critical and vital information of blood products and patients directly on the blood bag label for use by the Hospitals Healthcare professional in real time.

In addition, all the Azienda Santiria’s processed Plasma products, to be used by the Plasma fractionation industry, will also be fully traced using the Biolog-id Plasma Processing Solution. This will optimize and secure the supply chain workflow of this precious pharmaceutical compound.

About Azienda Sanitaria Locale in Pescara

The Pescara Local Health Authority, established in 1994 by the merger of the pre-existing Local Social Health Units of Pescara, Penne and Popoli, guarantees a catchment area of ​​about 300,000 inhabitants, divided into 46 Municipalities, Collective Healthcare in living and work, District Assistance, Hospital Assistance.

About Biolog-id

Biolog-id has developed an intelligent and patented solution for the management and traceability of sensitive health products within the hospital supply chain, to ensure distribution from donor to patient. Biolog-id operates in North America, Europe, the Middle East, India and the Asia-Pacific region, and has more than 100 employees worldwide. Staff numbers should double in the next three years. The Biolog-connect® solution is protected by more than 100 international patents. Biolog-id is owned by its founder and the Xerys Funds. www.biolog-id.com


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