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Alpega Group’s Amerikaanse bedrijven stijgen met 345%

Uitbreiding in Noord-Amerika blijkt succesvol voor Europese leider in transportsoftware.

WENEN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Alpega Group, de toonaangevende leverancier van cloud-gebaseerde, end-to-end transportbeheersoftware in Europa, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat zijn Noord-Amerikaanse bedrijven het derde kwartaal op year-to-date-basis hebben afgesloten met een stijging van 345% vergeleken met dezelfde periode vorig jaar.

Mark McArthur, algemeen directeur van Alpega, zei: “Dit jaar hebben we onze productportfolio en marktstrategie uitgebreid om bedrijven in Noord-Amerika beter te ondersteunen. Alpega’s unieke vermogen om SaaS-oplossingen te bieden voor bedrijven met transportprocessen variërend van lage tot high-end complexiteit, biedt de flexibiliteit om te beginnen met een eenvoudig, tactisch Transportation Management System (TMS) en naar behoefte uit te breiden naar een zeer strategisch systeem. ”

Alpega Group’s US Business Up 345%

North America Expansion Proves Successful for European Transportation Software Leader

VIENNA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Alpega Group, the leading provider of cloud-based, end-to-end transportation management software in Europe, today announced that its North American business closed Q3 for the year-to-date, up 345% compared to the same period the previous year.

Alpega’s Managing Director for North America, Mark McArthur said: “This year we expanded our product portfolio and go-to-market strategy to better support businesses in North America. Alpega’s unique ability to provide SaaS solutions for companies with transportation processes ranging from low to high-end complexity, offers the flexibility to start with a simple, tactical Transportation Management System (TMS) and expand to a highly strategic system as required.”

The TMS and freight exchange markets where Alpega operates are undergoing a step change in digital transformation. Technology can now connect and route road, rail, sea and air transportation with unprecedented efficiency.

In addition to helping companies save hundreds of millions in transport costs, Alpega makes sustainability actionable. Smart routing functionality enables companies to reduce their carbon footprint by ensuring full trucks on return as well as outbound trips.

“As the market matures, we are seeing customers reach the limits of what they can achieve with their initial first generation TMS tools,” explains Todd DeLaughter, Group CEO for Alpega. “Alpega not only scales from simple to complex transportation networks, but also leverages the data from our freight exchange marketplace to offer unique insights to both shippers and carriers about optimal routes and processes.”

About Alpega

Alpega is a global provider of cloud-based Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and freight exchanges. Alpega enables shippers, logistics service providers and carriers to collaboratively manage end-to-end transportation activities for increased visibility, capacity and reduced freight spend.

By streamlining transportation sourcing, planning, execution, settlement and analytics, Alpega’s TMS solutions transform local and global supply chains into collaborative ecosystems – bringing transparency and efficiency to all partners involved. Alpega’s user community of 80.000+ carriers and shippers and 200,000+ members are present in 80 countries.

For more information, visit www.alpegagroup.com

For Alpega North America, visit www.na.alpegagroup.com


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