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B2Broker: B2BinPay Joins Forces with Ledger to Offer Customized Limited Edition Hardware Wallets

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The collaboration between B2BinPay and Ledger, two leading companies in their industries, marks a significant achievement. Through this innovative partnership, customers can now access an exclusive offering: a branded Ledger Nano X hardware wallet.

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B2BinPay Joins Forces with Ledger to Offer Customized Limited Edition Hardware Wallets (Graphic: Business Wire)

B2BinPay Joins Forces with Ledger to Offer Customized Limited Edition Hardware Wallets (Graphic: Business Wire)

This limited edition wallet showcases a distinctive crypto-processing design and prominently displays the B2BinPay logo. The joint effort of these two companies combines their expertise to deliver an outstanding product for customers.

Two types of clients can access these exclusive ledgers:

1. New merchants and enterprise clients;

2. Existing loyal customers who have been supporting B2BinPay.

These branded ledgers serve as a disclosure of appreciation for their ongoing support.

To offer customers a smooth experience, B2BinPay will supply personalized promo codes for acquiring their hardware wallets. These distinct codes can be entered on Ledger’s official website on the specified collaboration page, allowing individuals to secure their unique devices effortlessly.

Please note that only 1000 units of these branded wallets are available. This limited quantity underscores these devices’ exclusivity and exceptional worth, making them highly coveted by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and collectors.

Advantages of Ledger

Ledger’s reputable multicurrency devices have gained the trust of individuals seeking a secure way to store their cryptocurrency private keys offline. These devices provide unbeatable protection against hackers while offering simplicity in managing assets and ensuring transaction transparency.

The partnership between B2BinPay and Ledger allows clients to access the industry’s leading solutions for crypto storage. With these reliable hardware wallets, clients can confidently diversify their portfolios and efficiently manage their assets while maintaining the highest level of security.

Through the collaboration of B2BinPay and Ledger, clients are guaranteed access to top-tier storage solutions. This empowers them to navigate the cryptocurrency world confidently and gives them enhanced control over their digital assets, providing peace of mind.

Advantages of B2BinPay

As an all-in-one solution for secure cryptocurrency transactions, B2BinPay empowers businesses to send, receive, convert, and accept crypto assets efficiently. With support for major cryptocurrencies, clients can easily consolidate their digital assets into their preferred fiat, coin, or stablecoin format.

The collaboration with Ledger strengthens its commitment to delivering reliable and efficient solutions for managing crypto assets. This partnership inspires confidence in their ability to meet the evolving needs of their valued clients while staying at the forefront of advancements in the FinTech industry.


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