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Snow Software lanceert nieuwe mogelijkheden om ITAM-teams te helpen kosten onder controle te krijgen in de cloud

Nieuwe functies stellen organisaties in staat om cloudkosten beter te beheren, inzicht te krijgen in containers en een duurzame onderneming op te bouwen

STOCKHOLM & AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Snow Software, de wereldleider op het gebied van technologie-intelligentie, heeft vandaag nieuwe en verbeterde mogelijkheden aangekondigd om IT-leiders te ondersteunen bij het onderhandelen over betere contractvoorwaarden, lagere bedrijfskosten en het vergroten van de efficiëntie van de hele organisatie gedurende deze periode van macro-economische onzekerheid. De nieuwste functies bieden een rijker beeld van de IT-investeringen van een organisatie en de impact op het bedrijf, en bieden nieuwe manieren om de kosten te optimaliseren en de waarde van complexe technologieën zoals containers en cloudservices te waarborgen. De zichtbaarheid van containers, een van de nieuwste innovaties op het Snow Atlas platform, biedt details over applicaties die in Kubernetes-containers worden uitgevoerd om kostenbesparingen te identificeren.

Snow Software Launches New Capabilities to Help ITAM Teams Get Control of Costs in the Cloud

New features empower organizations to better manage cloud costs, gain visibility into containers and build a sustainable enterprise

STOCKHOLM & AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Snow Software, the global leader in technology intelligence, today announced new and enhanced capabilities to support IT leaders seeking to negotiate better contract terms, lower operating expenses and boost organizational-wide efficiencies during this period of macroeconomic uncertainty. The latest features offer a richer view of an organization’s IT investments and the impact to the business, providing new ways to optimize costs and ensure value of complex technologies like containers and cloud services. Container visibility, one of the newest innovations on the Snow Atlas platform, provides details on applications running in Kubernetes containers to identify cost savings.

“The macroeconomic environment is forcing organizations to seek a deeper understanding of how all areas of their business are performing,” said Sanjay Castelino, Chief Product and Customer Officer at Snow. “With large annual budgets devoted to IT spend, demonstrating return on investment for every technology purchase is vital for CIOs and IT teams. The latest release from Snow not only identifies how technology is used but also offers use cases to support more sustainable IT practices such as understanding the carbon footprint of devices. With IT environments more complex than ever, the intelligence Snow provides serves as the backbone for organizations seeking to get more control over IT spending and risk.”

Gaining Visibility of Container Environments

More than 70% of global organizations will use containerized applications by 2023, according to industry analysts. Widespread use of containers creates new barriers for organizations seeking to understand what is running in a container – let alone control costs.

The new container visibility feature available on Snow Atlas is designed to provide IT teams and IT asset managers (ITAM) details on what applications are running, how many containers are used in their environment, and how long containers have been running. In this release, the capability provides insights into Microsoft, Oracle and Red Hat standard containerized applications running in Kubernetes environments. Container visibility is available for Kubernetes environments running on major cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure environments. This insight enables IT and ITAM teams to manage cost more efficiently.

Snow is inviting organizations with Kubernetes environments to use the functionality, with general availability of the capability aimed at early 2023.

Empowering ITAM to Partner with FinOps to Manage Rising Cloud Costs

To give a more complete picture of the end-to-end organizational tech stack, the latest release from Snow gives ITAM teams a spend snapshot across AWS and Azure in the terminology and views used by ITAM. With this new service – available to all Snow Atlas customers – ITAM teams have improved views of their organization’s spend profile in public cloud natively within their SAM tool. By building this feature natively within the existing SAM product, Snow makes it easier for ITAM to drive conversations about spend optimization with cloud stakeholders and FinOps teams.

For organizations with more mature cloud practices, FinOps or cloud operations practitioners, Snow Cloud Cost powered by Anodot provides greater depth of visibility, insights and analysis on public cloud spend, controls for budget management and spend allocation, detection of anomalies and recommendations for optimizing spend.

Enabling IT to Build a Sustainable Enterprise

Developing a more sustainable enterprise is a top priority for most CIOs. Snow makes it easier for IT teams to deliver on their sustainability goals. Organizations can leverage existing ITAM data, such as the laptop and desktop details, to assess their sustainability baseline. This sustainability intelligence report from Snow also includes curated information on how many certified sustainable devices exist, the spectrum of energy efficient devices and an evaluation of carbon emission reduction with on-premises to cloud shifts. The data provided by Snow enables CIOs and IT leaders to take proactive measures to actively manage and advance their sustainability initiatives.

Expanded Support to Reduce S/4HANA Migration Risks

With the end of maintenance for Business Suite 7 approaching, the migration to S/4HANA is a strategic imperative for many organizations. Snow is releasing new license intelligence, contract management and management dashboards for Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software to help offer further support with S/4HANA migrations. The new license intelligence capabilities allow organizations to easily simulate alternative license scenarios for both usage and authorization-based licensing, helping them decide on the most efficient and cost-effective migration strategy. In addition, new functionality allows for more transparent and secure management of an organization’s SAP environment by providing insight into license metrics and enhanced controls over contract management.

These new and enhanced capabilities follow several notable product milestones for Snow this year, including a new host of capabilities for Snow Atlas, a new partnership with Anodot to transform cloud cost management, verification on Oracle Database and Database Options and new enhancements for Snow Commander.

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