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Biocytogen presenteert voortgang van preklinische en klinische activa op BIO-EUROPE 2022

PEKING–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Biocytogen”, HKEX: 02315) zal aanwezig zijn op de komende BIO-EUROPE-conferentie in Leipzig, Duitsland op 24-26 oktober en virtueel op 2-4 november 2022.

Met behulp van geavanceerde gepatenteerde technologieën voor het bewerken van genen heeft Biocytogen vijf gepatenteerde volledig menselijke antilichaam detectie platforms ontwikkeld: een op RenMab™ gebaseerd monoklonaal antilichaam platform, een op RenLite® gebaseerd bispecifiek antilichaam platform, een bispecifiek ADC-platform, een TCR-nabootsend platform en een GPCR platform. Met deze gestroomlijnde ontwikkeling van antilichamen heeft het bedrijf een diverse preklinische en klinische op antilichamen gebaseerde geneesmiddelen pijplijn opgezet.

Biocytogen to Present Progress of Preclinical and Clinical Assets at BIO-EUROPE 2022

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Biocytogen”, HKEX: 02315) will present at the upcoming BIO-EUROPE conference in Leipzig, Germany on October 24-26 and virtually on November 2-4, 2022.

Using advanced proprietary gene-editing technologies, Biocytogen has developed five proprietary fully human antibody discovery platforms: a RenMab™-based monoclonal antibody platform, a RenLite®-based bispecific antibody platform, a bispecific ADC platform, a TCR-mimic platform and a GPCR platform. With this streamlined antibody development capability, the company has established a diverse preclinical and clinical antibody-based drug pipeline.

Dr. Vivian Tian, Sr. Director of Biocytogen Europe Innovation Center (BEIC), will give an oral presentation introducing Biocytogen’s pipeline assets and the progress of Project Integrum, highlighting the progress of several antibody programs, including TNFR2, B7-H3, CCR8, and Siglec-15. During the event, the BEIC BD and Licensing team will be on-site to host a booth (#49), and one-to-one partnering meetings. The team will be available to discuss licensing and co-development opportunities, either on-site or at the virtual conference.

Since the launch of Project Integrum, Biocytogen has reached 28 preclinical antibody co-development or licensing agreements with 16 companies, including Merck Healthcare KGaA, RemeGen, China Resources Biopharm, Nanjing Chia-Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Company (NJCTTQ) and LiberoThera. Additionally, the company has licensed RenMice™ (RenMab™ /RenLite®) to 16 companies, including Merck Healthcare KGaA, BeiGene, Xencor and Innovent; 33 projects have initiated.

For questions, or to set up a meeting, please contact BD-Licensing@biocytogen.com.

About Biocytogen

Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (HKEX: 02315) is a global biotechnology company that drives the research and development of novel antibody-based drugs with innovative technologies. Using its proprietary RenMab™ /RenLite® mice platforms for fully human monoclonal and bispecific antibody development, Biocytogen has integrated its in vivo drug efficacy screening platforms and strong clinical development expertise to streamline the entire drug development process. Biocytogen is undertaking a large-scale project to develop first-in-class and/or best-in-class antibody drugs for more than 1000 targets, known as Project Integrum. This project has resulted in 28 drug co-development agreements and 16 RenMice™ licensing agreements with companies around the world, including several partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical companies (MNCs). Biocytogen’s pipeline includes 12 core products, among which two products are in phase II multi-regional clinical trials and two products are in phase I. Headquartered in Beijing, Biocytogen has branches in Haimen Jiangsu, Shanghai, Boston, USA and Heidelberg, Germany. For more information, please visit http://en.biocytogen.com.cn.


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