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Shippeo en Everysens verbeteren intermodale visibility met strategisch partnerschap

PARIJS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Shippeo, een toonaangevende leverancier van wereldwijde en multimodale transportation visibility, is een samenwerking aangegaan met Everysens, een leider in beheersystemen voor spoor- en intermodaal transport, om hun aanbod van multimodale transportzichtbaarheid te verbeteren. Everysens zal Shippeo voorzien van de meest betrouwbare ETA voor het spoor die op de markt beschikbaar is, op basis van realtime gegevens van satellietvolgsystemen en spoorvervoerders.

Dankzij het tweerichtingspartnerschap kan Everysens ook profiteren van Shippeo’s grote netwerk van weg- en zeevervoerders, dat hoogwaardige trackinggegevens van zendingen levert aan spoor- en intermodale verladers en hun klanten. Door containerupdates voor zeetransporten te delen, evenals zeer nauwkeurige en betrouwbare ETA’s voor goederenvervoer over de weg, kan Everysens beter anticiperen op de gevolgen voor de spoorlogistiek. 

Shippeo and Everysens Enhance Intermodal Visibility Offering With Strategic Partnership

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Shippeo, a leading provider of global and multimodal shipment visibility, has partnered with Everysens, a leader in rail and intermodal transport management systems, to enhance their multimodal transport visibility offering. Everysens will provide Shippeo with the most reliable rail ETA available on the market, based on real-time data from satellite tracking and rail operators.

The two-way partnership allows Everysens to also benefit from Shippeo’s large network of road and ocean carriers, providing high quality shipment tracking data to rail and intermodal shippers and their customers. By sharing container events for ocean shipments, as well as highly accurate and reliable road freight ETAs, Everysens can better anticipate impacts on rail logistics.

In turn, Shippeo receives a stream of rail events from Everysens, including ETAs, GPS positions and loading statuses. Everysens provides ETAs for both full trains and single wagons; a unique capability within the market. The improved visibility across all types of rail transport will be available globally for Shippeo customers. In addition, Everysens covers the full transport process, including tendering, collaborative smart planning, freight letters and CO2 emissions.

By integrating their respective shipment ETAs, both companies are able to offer their customers improved end-to-end visibility in a single offering, creating new opportunities for supply chain convergence and benefitting shippers with a higher level of supply chain transparency and optimised logistics flows.

“As shippers face more and more supply chain challenges around the world as a result of disruptive global events, they want to know when their shipments will reach their final destination,” explains Lucien Besse, COO and Co-founder at Shippeo. “With sustainability playing an increasingly important role in transportation management, rail is becoming a popular means of intermodal transport. However, visibility over rail shipments has not been easy for shippers to achieve. The partnership between Shippeo and Everysens increases shippers’ trust in rail and multimodal deliveries, providing them with critical monitoring milestones, as well as the ability to measure and improve their processes.”

“Rail is already an important part of multimodal logistics. Effects of the EU Green Deal are quickly positioning rail further as the future of freight,” says Dr. Youness Lemrabet, CEO and Founder of Everysens. “The target is clear: 30% modal share for rail by 2030, with an estimated impact of 290 million tons of CO2 saved. To reach this, rail needs newcomers, for whom intermodal is the primary entry point. With this partnership, we can connect the dots between rail and first- and last-mile transport modes, to make modal shift truly happen.”

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