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B2Broker kondigt ultra-concurrerende nieuwe marge en crypto spot liquiditeit prijsstructuur aan

LIMASSOL, Cyprus–(BUSINESS WIRE)– B2Broker, een toonaangevende technologie- en liquiditeit aanbieder in de Forex- en Crypto-sector, heeft de introductie aangekondigd van een reeks uitstekende nieuwe voorwaarden voor zijn Margin- en Crypto Spot-liquiditeitsaanbod. Met de aankondiging van vandaag komt een nieuwe prijsstructuur die een ultra concurrerende propositie biedt die niet te evenaren is in de branche.

Dit persbericht bevat multimedia. Bekijk de volledige release hier: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211026005100/en/

B2Broker lanceerde zijn eerste Crypto CFD-aanbod in 2017, te beginnen met 30 Crypto CFD-paren. Het bedrijf was de eerste in deze ruimte die een Prime Broker-bedrijfsmodel benadering implementeerde in het Crypto CFD-aanbod. Tegenwoordig biedt het in totaal 115 Crypto-paren, waardoor het de toonaangevende Crypto CFD-provider in de branche is, evenals een tier 1-liquiditeitsprovider in de Spot FX, Metals, Equity Indices, Commodities, Single Stocks en ETF’s, allemaal vanuit een enkele margerekening.

B2Broker Announces Ultra-Competitive New Margin and Crypto Spot Liquidity Pricing Structure

LIMASSOL, Cyprus–(BUSINESS WIRE)– B2Broker, a leading technology and liquidity provider in the Forex and Crypto industry, has announced the introduction of a series of outstanding new conditions for its Margin and Crypto Spot liquidity offerings. With today’s announcement comes a new pricing structure that delivers an ultra competitive proposition which is unmatchable in the industry.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211026005100/en/

B2Broker delivers the deepest liquidity pools for FX, Metals, Crypto and CFDs. Our liquidity solutions are used by different types of financial institutions. (Graphic: Business Wire)

B2Broker delivers the deepest liquidity pools for FX, Metals, Crypto and CFDs. Our liquidity solutions are used by different types of financial institutions. (Graphic: Business Wire)

B2Broker launched its initial Crypto CFD offering back in 2017, starting with 30 Crypto CFD pairs. The company was the first in this space to implement a Prime Broker business model approach in the Crypto CFD offering. Today, it offers a total of 115 Crypto pairs making it the industry’s leading Crypto CFD provider as well as a tier 1 liquidity provider in the Spot FX, Metals, Equity Indices, Commodities, Single Stocks, and ETFs space all from a single margin account.

To date, B2Broker is used by more than 50% of FX Retail Brokers/Props Houses/Funds, etc, who offer Crypto CFDs and require a main liquidity provider or secondary source of liquidity.

Margin Liquidity

As the popularity of margin trading continues to reach new heights, the new trading conditions from B2Broker will enable its clients to benefit from a whole range of new features and advantages. These include:

New Crypto CFDs

We have added a further 15 new crypto CFDs to our liquidity pool that have proved highly popular recently:

XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, Solana, Polkadot, Chainlink, Polygon, Uniswap, HIBA INU, Algorand, Avalanche, Terra, Filecoin, Vechain and Maker.

Note: all trade against the USD.

New Margin Requirements

New margin requirements on major crypto CFDs have been decreased from 20% to 10%. This will allow greater opportunities for traders around the world to leverage our unbeatable conditions.

The list of symbols that we have applied changes to include:




New Pricing Policy

New commercial offers have been introduced to serve all types of business models. Whether you need a white label solution, a FIX API/gateway connection or an enterprise solution, B2Broker offers a bespoke proposition that serves your business according to your requirements.

Our new Enterprise offering includes PrimeXM or OneZero HUB along with a liquidity solution that gives brokers greater flexibility in terms of managing their liquidity price streams and risk management solutions. The main idea behind this package is to offer broker dealers a solution where they will be able to use our liquidity along with leading HUBs/XCOREs in a more efficient and cost-effective way. For example, if you go directly to PrimeXM or OneZero and buy a Hub with them and then approach B2Broker to buy liquidity, it will prove to be more expensive than simply buying a single Enterprise pack from B2Broker.

The Enterprise liquidity solution is ideal for Brokers who have their own Trading Server such as MT5, MT4, C-Trader etc, and want to be able to manage their price streams, markups, swaps, risk management and more.

New Liquidity Pool Locations

Our liquidity pools are now based in main locations around the world such as LD4, NY4, TY3, SG1 and Mainland China (Beijing). You can choose the best suitable location for your API/Gateway connection.

For our WL clients based in LD4, we have created a global network of access servers which provide the lowest latency connection from any point in the world.

Liquidity Distribution

We offer liquidity distribution across the following platforms to cater for the broad-based demands of our clients PrimeXM, OneZero, FixAPI, MT5, MT4 for FX/CFD, Crypto CFDs etc and B2Trader, Rest API and WEBSocket for Crypto Spot liquidity.

Crypto Spot Liquidity

On the Crypto Spot liquidity side of things, we have introduced a range of outstanding new developments which are applicable to B2BX:

A. Revised ultra-competitive commission ladder which goes down to 0.04%.

B. In total we have enhanced the depth of order book to 100 levels per each side (Buy and Sell) to satisfy the requirements of major players. The compressed order book contains over 120 BTC with an average spread of just $7 USD and market impact of around $140 USD.

C. Increased our trading pairs to consist of additional stable coins and all the top tokens.

B2Broker CEO, Arthur Azizov commented, “We constantly seek to improve our offers and are positioned to offer an unbeatable pricing structure for our services, as well as other favourable conditions which will ultimately benefit our clients. Our liquidity services can be accessed quickly and easily with the most advantageous prices available within the industry and the highest level of technical support”.

B2Broker’s liquidity solutions are used by various types of financial institutions who benefit from our expertise and technology, and our ability to deliver customised liquidity solutions tailored to our clients exact needs. B2Broker offers liquidity on Spot FX, Metals, Commodities, Single Stocks with over 400 instruments, working as a PoP, rather than a market maker. We are therefore on the broker’s side at all times, enabling the best possible liquidity provision in keeping with our clients’ interests.


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