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Kymeta demonstreert LEO en GEO SATCOM-interoperabiliteit tijdens militaire Battle Lab-oefening

De Kymeta™ u8-terminal is de eerste en enige terminal die vandaag beschikbaar is en die COTM en COTP kan opzetten met LEO- en GEO-constellaties

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Kymeta (www.kymetacorp.com), het communicatiebedrijf dat wereldwijd mobiel maakt, kondigde vandaag naadloze interoperabiliteit aan tussen de Kymeta™ u8-terminal, Kepler Communications Low Earth Orbit (LEO)-satellieten en geostationaire ( GEO) SATCOM-terminals tijdens een jaarlijkse militaire gevechtslaboratoriumoefening gericht op de integratie van operaties, inlichtingen en technologie.

De u8 is de eerste en enige terminal die vandaag beschikbaar is om de automatische overdracht te demonstreren tussen een GEO SATCOM-terminal en Kepler LEO-constellatie met hoge doorvoer voor communicatie onderweg (COTM) en in pauze (COTP). De strijders van vandaag hebben toegang nodig tot commando- en controlenetwerken (C2) die berichtenverkeer, e-mail, VoIP en VTC’s leveren, evenals netwerken met een hogere doorvoer voor het verzenden en ontvangen van grote hoeveelheden gegevens. De demonstratie bewees dat toegang tot C2-netwerken en communicatie met hoge doorvoer mogelijk is met een enkele geïntegreerde terminal, de u8.

Kymeta Demonstrates LEO and GEO SATCOM Interoperability During Military Battle Lab Exercise

The Kymeta u8 terminal is the first and only terminal available today capable of establishing COTM and COTP with LEO and GEO constellations

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Kymeta (www.kymetacorp.com), the communications company making mobile global, announced today seamless interoperability between the Kymeta™ u8 terminal, Kepler Communications low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, and geostationary (GEO) SATCOM terminals at an annual military battle lab exercise focused on the integration of operations, intelligence, and technology.

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Kymeta demonstrates LEO and GEO interoperability with the u8 at technical demonstration. (Photo: Business Wire)

Kymeta demonstrates LEO and GEO interoperability with the u8 at technical demonstration. (Photo: Business Wire)

The u8 is the first and only terminal available today to demonstrate the automatic handover between a GEO SATCOM terminal and Kepler LEO constellation with high throughput for communications on the move (COTM) and on the pause (COTP). Today’s warfighters require access to command and control (C2) networks providing message traffic, email, VoIP, and VTCs as well as higher throughput networks for sending and receiving large amounts of data. The demonstration proved that access to C2 networks and high throughput communications is possible with a single integrated terminal, the u8.

“While today’s mobile forces operating in remote environments may have communication access through a traditional very small aperture terminal (VSAT) or legacy COTM terminals, they do not have access to the high-throughput LEO constellations,” said Rob Weitendorf, Vice President, Business Development, Kymeta. “The u8 provides the needed capacity and seamless connectivity between LEO and GEO satellites. We could not be more thrilled with the excitement our demo received from the Special Forces community at the event.”

Three stationary ground stations with GEO and LEO capabilities located in Inuvik, Canada, Redmond, WA, and Tuscon, AZ were combined with one mobile terminal at the demonstration Virginia Beach, VA. Each station had access to six Kepler LEO satellites and two GEO satellites. The change from GEO to LEO and linear to circular polarization was automated and accomplished via software only. Kymeta and Kepler’s experimentation was focused on providing high data rate point-to-point communications where data was transmitted from ground station to ground station without connection to the cloud, followed by GEO SATCOM for day-to-day operations.

Results exceeded expectations and demonstrated a significant increase in performance with lower latency, enhanced look angles, and speeds that are approaching 10X faster than earlier products with higher throughput and total data passed. Testing results included download speeds of 240 Mbps and upload speeds of 193 Mbps achieved with over 2 GB of data transferred during a single LEO pass. This capability has utility in polar regions where access to high-throughput communications is unavailable and mechanically-steered antennas struggle in low temperatures.

The demonstration further validates Kymeta’s ability to provide a LEO upgrade path for its u8 terminals and seamlessly leverage hybrid connectivity across multiple satellite constellations and ground LTE. Kymeta is the only flat-panel antenna (FPA) with electronic beam steering and no moving parts built for mobility and designed for the needs of military, public safety, and commercial customers.

About Kymeta

Kymeta is unlocking the potential of broadband satellite connectivity, combined with cellular networks, to satisfy the overwhelming demand for comms on the move and making mobile global. Lepton Global Solutions, a Kymeta company, hosts the company’s satellite connectivity solutions and offers unique, complete, and turnkey bundled solutions to the market based on best-in-class technologies and tailored customer-centric services that meet and exceed customer mission requirements. These solutions in tandem with the company’s flat-panel satellite antenna, the first of its kind, and Kymeta Connect™ services provide revolutionary mobile connectivity on satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular networks to customers around the world. Backed by U.S. and international patents and licenses, the Kymeta terminal addresses the need for lightweight, slim, and high-throughput communication systems that do not require mechanical components to steer toward a satellite. Kymeta makes connecting easy – for any vehicle, vessel, or fixed platform.

Kymeta is a privately held company based in Redmond, Washington.

For more information, visit kymetacorp.com.


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