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PMC Group International kondigt overname aan van Copperhead Chemical Company

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ– (BUSINESS WIRE) – PMC Group International, Inc., een onafhankelijke tak van PMC Group Companies, kondigde de overname aan van Cobra Investments Management Inc. en haar twee dochterondernemingen, Copperhead Chemical Company Inc. (“Copperhead”) en Copperhead Investments Inc., van een groep van vorige eigenaren van deze entiteiten, met ingang van 5 februari 2021. Copperhead is de productietak van de drie overgenomen entiteiten en is gevestigd op een 875 hectare grote faciliteit met 53 gebouwen in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania.

Copperhead is al meer dan 70 jaar de enige fabrikant van het door de FDA goedgekeurde cardiale therapeutische geneesmiddel nitroglycerine in de VS en een fabrikant op maat van toedieningsvormen voor geneesmiddelen. Het is ook een belangrijke producent van energetische chemicaliën (explosieven en drijfgassen) voor de defensiesector, evenals een nieuwe klasse conserveermiddelen en antimicrobiële stoffen. De producten van Copperhead worden wereldwijd verkocht.

PMC Group International Announces Acquisition of Copperhead Chemical Company

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– PMC Group International, Inc., which is an independent arm of PMC Group Companies, announced the acquisition of Cobra Investments Management Inc. and its two subsidiaries, Copperhead Chemical Company Inc. (“Copperhead”) and Copperhead Investments Inc., from a group of previous owners of these entities, effective February 5, 2021. Copperhead is the manufacturing arm of the three acquired entities and is located on an 875 acres facility with 53 buildings in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania.

Copperhead has been the sole manufacturer of the FDA approved cardiac therapeutic drug nitroglycerin in the US for over 70 years and a custom manufacturer of drug dosage forms. It is also a major producer of energetic chemicals (explosives and propellants) for the defense industry as well as a novel class of preservatives and antimicrobials. Copperhead’s products are sold globally.

“The acquisition of Copperhead and its associated companies increases our penetration of the pharma market,” said Dr. Raj Chakrabarti, President of PMC Group International. According to Dr. Chakrabarti “this new acquisition will fit neatly and synergistically with our other Pharmaceutical services and manufacturing companies – especially PMC Isochem in France with three sites that include manufacturing of excipients and APIs as well as protein engineering, drug development and drug discovery services; and PMC YM-Pharma in Hyderabad, India, which provides process development and advanced pharmaceutical intermediate manufacturing services.” Dr. Raj Chakrabarti added that Copperhead will also have further manufacturing and marketing synergies with PMC Ouvrie, which is a leading supplier of defoamers, surfactants, and protective colloids for food and other industrial applications. He further added that “with the acquisition of Copperhead, PMC Group International is now poised to provide an end-to-end CDMO offering spanning all phases of drug development and manufacturing across three continents.”

ABOUT PMC Group Companies:

PMC Group is a US based growth oriented, diversified, global chemicals and pharmaceuticals company dedicated to innovative solutions to every need in a broad range of end markets including, plastics, consumer products, electronics, coatings, packaging, mining, personal care, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals. The Company was built on a sustainable model of growth through innovation while promoting social good. PMC operates from a global manufacturing, innovation, and marketing platform with facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. More information about PMC Group and its activities around the world can be found at www.pmc-group.com.


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