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Morrow Sodali en Nestor Advisors bundelen krachten voor corporate governance diensten

LONDEN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Morrow Sodali, een toonaangevende leverancier van strategisch advies en diensten voor aandeelhouders, is verheugd de overname aan te kondigen van Nestor Advisors, het in Londen gevestigde adviesbureau dat gespecialiseerd is in corporate governance en organisatieontwerp.

De combinatie van Morrow Sodali en Nestor Advisors biedt het wereldwijde klantenbestand van het bedrijf een uitgebreide reeks adviesdiensten met betrekking tot corporate governance, ESG, duurzaamheid en betrokkenheid van belanghebbenden. De bedrijven zullen onder hun respectievelijke namen blijven handelen, waarbij Nestor Advisors zich nu profileert als een Morrow Sodali-bedrijf.

Alvise Recchi, CEO van Morrow Sodali, zei: “We zijn verheugd over de mogelijkheid om ons bedrijf uit te breiden in combinatie met Nestor Advisors. Door zo’n ervaren team in Morrow Sodali te brengen, kunnen we bedrijven, hun raden van bestuur en instellingen voor ontwikkelingsfinanciering een volledig servicepakket bieden dat voldoet aan de complexe eisen van de huidige wereldwijde financiële markten.”

Morrow Sodali and Nestor Advisors to Combine Forces for Corporate Governance Services

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Morrow Sodali, a leading provider of strategic advice and shareholder services, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Nestor Advisors, the London-based advisory firm specializing in corporate governance and organizational design.

The combination of Morrow Sodali and Nestor Advisors provides the firm’s global client base with a comprehensive suite of advisory services relating to corporate governance, ESG, sustainability and stakeholder engagement. The companies will continue to trade under their respective names with Nestor Advisors now branding itself as a Morrow Sodali company.

Alvise Recchi, CEO of Morrow Sodali, said: “We are delighted by the opportunity to expand our business in combination with Nestor Advisors. Bringing such an experienced team into Morrow Sodali will enable us to provide companies, their boards of directors and Development Finance Institutions with a full-service package that meets the complex demands of today’s global financial markets.”

Giulio Pediconi, Advisor to the Executive Committee, added: “this business combination fits with Morrow Sodali’s strategic objective to become the global advisor of reference on investor matters. By integrating internal governance with the external investor viewpoint, we will provide our clients with additional insights, advice and tools to strengthen their governance practices, set priorities for decision-making and effectively address and manage investor expectations.”

Founded in 2003 by Stilpon Nestor, Nestor Advisors maintains an extensive network of corporate governance clients and relationships across Europe, Middle East and Africa, as well as Latin America and Asia. The firm works with boards and senior management teams of companies, financial institutions, not-for-profit organizations and policy makers to improve decision making, organizational structures, controls and incentives.

Stilpon Nestor, founder and Managing Director of Nestor Advisors also commented “after 18 years in the service of better corporate governance, I am very pleased and excited to be part of the first global, dedicated effort at governance integration across the corporate spectrum, from shareholder/stakeholder relations to board effectiveness and control environment excellence. The unique scope of our endeavour will greatly contribute to the mainstreaming of ESG among the world’s leading organisations.” As a result of the acquisition, Stilpon will become the Executive Chairman of Nestor Advisors also overseeing Morrow Sodali’s work in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. David Risser will continue as the Managing Director of Nestor Advisors.


Morrow Sodali is a leading provider of strategic advice and shareholder services to corporate clients around the world. The firm provides corporate boards and executives with strategic advice and services relating to corporate governance, shareholder and bondholder communication and engagement, capital markets intelligence, proxy solicitation, shareholder activism and mergers and acquisitions.

From headquarters in New York and London, and offices and partners in major capital markets, Morrow Sodali serves more than 700 corporate clients in 40 countries, including many of the world’s largest multinational corporations. In addition to listed and private companies, its clients include mutual funds, ETFs, stock exchanges and membership associations.

For further information about Morrow Sodali, please visit www.morrowsodali.com


Nestor Advisors is a London-based advisory firm specialising in corporate governance and organisational design. Since 2003, the firm has worked with the boards and senior management of financial institutions, companies and not-for-profit organisations to improve decision making, organisational structures, controls and incentives.

Nestor Advisors’ services span a broad spectrum: from holistic assessments yielding a significant re-design of the company’s governance system, to board reviews, group governance, training or assistance in discreet areas of the corporate governance framework, such as board committees, risk management and the development of specific policies and controls. Whatever the scope, services are always closely tailored to our clients’ needs.

For further information about Nestor Advisors, please visit www.nestoradvisors.com


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