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Mano Būstas werkt samen met Airship om proactieve, anticiperende communicatie met klanten mogelijk te maken

LONDEN & VILNIUS, Litouwen– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Airship and City Service, een bedrijf voor klantbetrokkenheid, een van de grootste bedrijvengroepen die zich bezighouden met facility- en vastgoedbeheer en geïntegreerde nutsvoorzieningen in Europa, heeft vandaag een nieuw partnerschap onthuld dat de communicatie tussen zijn Litouwse vastgoedbeheerder Mano Būstas en zijn honderden klanten in de hele regio. Vanaf januari stelt het Customer Engagement Platform van Airship Mano Būstas in staat de communicatie met klanten te automatiseren via in-app-berichten, pushmeldingen, e-mail en sms, en een betere klantenservice te bieden door proactief veelgestelde vragen te beantwoorden in alle fasen van de klantlevenscyclus. City Service biedt de nieuwe diensten in een eerste fase aan aan klanten van Mano Būstas, met plannen om de samenwerking later dit jaar uit te rollen naar andere bedrijven en landen.

Mano Būstas Partners with Airship to Power Proactive, Anticipatory Communications with Customers

LONDON & VILNIUS, Lithuania–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Customer engagement company Airship and City Service, one of the largest corporate groups engaged in facility and property management and integrated utility services in Europe, today unveiled a new partnership that will streamline communications between its Lithuanian property management company, Mano Būstas and its hundreds of customers across the region. Beginning in January, Airship’s Customer Engagement Platform will enable Mano Būstas to automate communication with customers across in-app messaging, push notifications, email, and SMS, offering a better customer service experience by proactively answering common questions throughout all stages of the customer lifecycle. City Service is offering the new services to Mano Būstas clients at a first stage, with plans to roll out the cooperation to other businesses and countries later in the year.

This collaboration is part of City Service’s strategic direction towards digitalising and automating their full business processes in order to better serve customers online in a quicker and more efficient manner. By automating customer communications via mobile, Mano Būstas estimates a reduction in customer inbound calls to its customer service centre by more than 30%. “Based on our years of service, we have created an extensive list of frequently asked questions at different stages in the customer lifecycle, so now, thanks to Airship, we will be able to send the answers to their questions on a timely manner before they contact us,” said Mindaugas Genys, Head of Mano Būstas. “We expect this will significantly reduce the time our customer service spends on reactive communication, that can otherwise be spent by delivering a proactive contact, checking-in with customers to ensure everything is okay and whether they need additional services from us”.

Through Airship’s technology, Mano Būstas will also get clear visibility into customers that engage with messages and the actions they take, which will provide deeper insights into customers’ preferences. With this information, Mano Būstas will be able to segment their database into smaller data sets to be able to create even more targeted automations in the future.

“Industries in every region across the globe are recognising that engaging customers on mobile is key to providing next-level service for stronger and more valuable customer relationships,” said Patrick Mareuill, Managing Director EMEA at Airship. “We are happy to welcome Mano Būstas on board Airship to more quickly realise these goals and generate immediate business value.”

About Mano Būstas: Mano Būstas provides administration services for apartment buildings in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Palanga, Neringa, Šiauliai, Radviliškis, Alytus, Šilutė, Šilalė, Panevėžys, Šakiai, Pasvalys, Tauragė, Biržai and Birštonas, with more than 180 thousand households using the company’s services in Lithuania.

About City Service: City Service is a holding company which manages one of the largest corporate groups engaged in facility and property management and integrated utility services in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Spain and St. Peterburg. The shares of the company is listed on the Warshaw stock exchange.

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