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Sintavia breidt raketproductie capaciteit uit met twee M4K-4-printers van AMCM GmbH

Overname vergroot de footprint van raketten aanzienlijk

HOLLYWOOD, Fl. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Sintavia, LLC, een ontwerper en fabrikant van additieven van kritische thermische componenten voor de lucht- en ruimtevaart-, defensie- en ruimtevaartsector, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het twee M4K-4-printers heeft gekocht van AMCM GmbH uit Starnberg, Duitsland. Elk van de twee nieuwe M4K-4’s, die verlengde versies zijn van de commercieel succesvolle EOS M400-4-printer, gebruikt vier 1kW-lasers om componenten uit één stuk af te drukken met afmetingen van 450 mm x 450 mm x 1 m. Als een van de grootste raketprinters in Noord-Amerika zal Sintavia de nieuwe machines gebruiken om zijn portfolio van het ontwerp en de fabricage van stuwkamers voor de snelgroeiende commerciële ruimtevaartsector uit te breiden.

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Sintavia Expands Rocket Manufacturing Capability with Two M4K-4 Printers from AMCM GmbH

Acquisition dramatically enlarges rocket printing footprint

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Sintavia, LLC, a designer and additive manufacturer of critical thermal components for the Aerospace, Defense, & Space industry, announced today that it had acquired two M4K-4 printers from AMCM GmbH of Starnberg, Germany. Each of the two new M4K-4s, which are stretched versions of the commercially successful EOS M400-4 printer, uses four 1kW lasers to print single-unit components with dimensions of 450mm x 450mm x 1m. As one of the largest rocket printers in North America, Sintavia will use the new machines to expand its portfolio of thrust chamber design and manufacturing for the rapidly growing commercial space industry.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210113005134/en/

With a design based on the architecture of the EOS M400-4, the AMCM M4K-4 has a one meter tall build height with four 1kW lasers (Photo: AMCM GmbH)

With a design based on the architecture of the EOS M400-4, the AMCM M4K-4 has a one meter tall build height with four 1kW lasers (Photo: AMCM GmbH)

“Since the acquisition of our first M400-4 three years ago, Sintavia has devoted tremendous resources to developing successful and repeatable operating procedures for the quad laser printing of extremely thin walls, such as those found in the thrust chamber of a rocket,” said Brian Neff, Sintavia’s Chief Executive Officer. “We now have eight M400-4 quad laser printers, and we expect that the successful strategies employed on the M400-4 will likewise work on these new M4K-4 units. We are pleased that we will be the first rocket printer in North America to offer the expanded footprint of the M4K-4 to our commercial space customers.”

Developed by AMCM, an affiliated company of EOS GmbH, the M4K-4 is a stretched and widened version of the EOS M400-4 printer, with more powerful lasers and an upgraded cooling system. The design of the M4K-4 was driven largely by demand from commercial space launch customers who were looking to optimize thrust chamber assemblies with fewer traditional joining steps. For most existing commercial rocketry currently in production today, the M4K-4 is able to manufacture the entire thrust chamber assembly as a single unit, including optimized regenerative cooling passages, thereby dramatically reducing manufacturing complexity and time. The two new printers will be delivered in June and July of 2021, and will be installed in high performance copper and nickel alloys.

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Sintavia designs and 3D prints a new generation of flight and launch products for the Aerospace, Defense & Space industry.  The company’s ability to design and serially produce thermally engineered components with complex structural walls of less than 150 microns has unlocked a level of performance impossible to achieve using traditional manufacturing methods. With 26 high-speed printers co-located alongside precision post processing equipment, a full complement of mechanical testing equipment, and a full metallurgical and powder laboratory, Sintavia is able to optimize parameters, serially manufacture, and audit quality parts for aerospace applications.  A founding member of the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association, Sintavia is committed to the highest quality standards in the industry and holds multiple Nadcap and other aerospace accreditations.

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