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PanomorfEYEYE-Development Kit beschikbaar voor pre-order

panomorfEYEYE Development Kit voor volledige intelligente vision sensing nu aangeboden voor Mobile World Congress promotionele prijzen

BARCELONA, Spanje-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Immervision, de in Montreal gevestigde ontwikkelaar van gepatenteerde, groothoekoptiek en beeldvormingstechnologie, kondigde vandaag de speciale Mobile World Congress 2019-prijzen aan voor de panomorphEYE Development Kit, online te koop op https://store.immervision.com met couponcode #MWC2019, geldig tot 1 maart 2019.

De PanomorphEYEYE Development Kit maakt verbinding met robots, drones, voertuigen, toestellen of elk ander platform zodat u de volgende generatie slimme vision-oplossingen kunt ontwikkelen.

PanomorphEYE Development Kit Now Available for Pre-Order

panomorphEYE Development Kit for complete intelligent vision sensing now offered with Mobile World Congress promotional pricing

BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Immervision, the Montreal-based developer of patented, wide-angle optic and imaging technology, today announced special Mobile World Congress 2019 pricing for the panomorphEYE Development Kit, available to purchase online at https://store.immervision.com with coupon code #MWC2019 valid until March 1, 2019.

The panomorphEYE Development Kit connects to robots, drones, vehicles, appliances or any host platform so you can develop the next generation of smart vision solutions.

The kit includes three ultra-wide-angle panomorph cameras calibrated to give you 2D hemispheric, 3D stereoscopic hemispheric or full 360 x 360 spherical capture and viewing of the environment. Each camera has a greater than 180⁰ field of view and all three cameras and other sensors are all synchronized within Socionext Milbeaut® Image Processor M12MO.

PanomorphEYE is a USB connected smart camera (UVC compliant), and includes Immervision Data-In-Picture technology, so that each video frame delivers data fusion from sensors such as IMU and GPS for advanced perception and environment awareness. The data-rich video provides more contextual information to AI and neural networks, Computer Vision and SLAM algorithms, increasing scene understanding, decreasing false detections, and enabling better decision-making.

Some areas of application include:

    • Automotive
    • Robots
    • IoT
    • Machine vision and learning
    • AR and XR
    • Smart glasses
    • Wearables
    • Air, Ground, and Marine Drones
    • Home Appliances
    • Security
    • Medical

“Together with Socionext, we have specially designed this kit to inspire a new generation of developers with tools dedicated to serve their creativity,” says Alessandro Gasparini, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Immervision.

About Immervision

Immervision enables intelligent vision in any device. We design wide-angle lenses with augmented resolution to see more, and AI-ready image processing to see smarter. Our technology is for smart professional applications, consumer devices, automotive, robotics, medical, and other industries. Vision is key to understanding and securing the environment and to entertaining and informing the world. Immervision continuously adapts its technology and licenses it to component manufacturers, OEMs, and ODMs in the imaging eco-system.


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