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Workiva breidt Wdesk Platform uit met Wdata


Wdata voegt krachtige nieuwe mogelijkheden voor datavoorbereiding toe aan Wdesk om data samenwerking te versterken, nauwkeurigheid te garanderen en downstream rapporten en analyses te automatiseren

Workiva (NYSE:WK), toonaangevend op het gebied van oplossingen voor datamanagement, -rapportage en -naleving, kondigt vandaag aan dat het zijn Wdesk platform uitbreidt met Wdata dat nieuwe mogelijkheden voor datavoorbereiding combineert met bestaande connectoren en API’s om op eenvoudige wijze grote datasets vast te leggen, te verrijken en te koppelen aan Wdesk.

Wdata versterkt de krachtige koppelings-, audit- en controlefuncties binnen Wdesk om klanten over de hele wereld de tools te bieden die ze nodig hebben om de datasamenwerking te verbeteren, rapporten en analyses te automatiseren en financiële transformatie binnen hun organisatie te ondersteunen.

Wdata is gebouwd voor financiële teams om enorme datasets uit cloud-, on-site en hybride gestructureerde systemen, desktopspreadsheets en Wdesk-spreadsheets te verzamelen, voor te bereiden en te interpreteren. Met een eenvoudige, drag-and-drop ervaring, zijn gebruikers in staat om gegevens uit verschillende bronnen te centraliseren – met inbegrip van systemen voor enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources, verkoop, operations, en governance, risico en compliance (GRC) – in een veilige, cloud-platform.

Workiva Expands Wdesk Platform with Wdata


Wdata adds powerful new data preparation capabilities to Wdesk to amplify data collaboration, ensure accuracy and automate downstream reports and analyses

Workiva (NYSE:WK), a leader in data collaboration, reporting and compliance solutions, today announces that it is expanding its Wdesk platform with Wdata that combines new data preparation capabilities with existing connectors and APIs to easily capture, enrich and connect large datasets to Wdesk.

Wdata amplifies the powerful linking, auditability and control features inside Wdesk to give customers all over the world the tools they need to improve data collaboration, automate reports and analyses and support finance transformation across their organizations.

Wdata is built for finance teams to gather, prepare and interpret massive datasets from cloud, on-premise and hybrid structured systems and desktop spreadsheets as well as Wdesk spreadsheets. With an easy, drag-and-drop experience, users are able to centralize data from diverse sources – including systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources, sales, operations, and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) – into a secure, cloud platform.

Wdata users integrate their external data into Wdesk to perform faster and more reliable reporting and analysis with linking, dynamic commentary, controlled collaboration, granular permissions and clear audit trails.

“Financial transformation for the modern age begins with Wdata and ends with Wdesk,” said Matt Rizai, Chairman and CEO of Workiva. “Our customers are able to eliminate data errors by ensuring quality and control throughout the entire financial reporting and analysis process – from initial discovery to final reports for management, boards and regulators.”

Key benefits of Wdata and Wdesk include:

Enriched financial data, consolidated in the cloud
Data is easily captured, prepared and aggregated from disparate sources into a secure, cloud-based platform without complex setup.

More access to better data
Robust connectivity expands access and usability of larger volumes of data, giving the right person access to the right data. Users easily build and shape data-linked reports and analysis for whatever they need, when and where they need it.

Automated reporting downstream
Narrative is linked to data across documents, spreadsheets, presentations so that any change is instantly updated throughout all downstream reports and analyses.

Last mile of data assurance
Data quality, transparency and control is maintained throughout the entire financial analysis and reporting process – from discovery to final reports – to eliminate risk of errors.

Accelerated business insight and better decision-making
Streamlined data collaboration gives finance teams more time for insight and analysis. Improved data transparency and consistency provides confidence in data-driven decisions.

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Workiva delivers Wdesk, a leading enterprise cloud platform for data collaboration, reporting and compliance that is used by thousands of organizations worldwide, including over 70 percent of the Fortune 500®. Companies of all sizes, state and local governments and educational institutions use Wdesk to help mitigate risk, improve productivity and gain confidence in their data-driven decisions. For more information about Workiva (NYSE:WK), please visit workiva.com.

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