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Sunny Optics verwerft licentie voor wereldwijde productie van panomorfe lenstechnologie van ImmerVision

Toonaangevende Chinese fabrikant van optische producten komt tegemoet aan gestegen vraag naar kwalitatief hoogstaande groothoekweergaces en geavanceerde applicaties voor particuliere, industriële en professionele markt, waaronder mobiel, de auto-industrie en kunstmatige intelligentie.

MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ImmerVision, ontwikkelaar van exclusieve en gepatenteerde panomorfe beeldtechnologie in groothoek, kondigt met trots aan dat Sunny Optics (Zhongsan) Co., dochteronderneming van de fabrikant van optische onderdelen en producten Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co. Ltd., een licentie heeft verworven voor panomorfe lenstechnologie. Sunny Optics levert in het eerste kwartaal van 2018 de eerste panomorfe groothoeklens met hoge resolutie op voor smartphones en andere mobiele toestellen.

Panomorfe lenstechnologie combineert het modernste optische design met geavanceerde, optimale algoritmes, bijvoorbeeld voor energiezuinige dewarping. Daarmee produceert het scherpe groothoekbeelden zonder vervorming, zelfs in omstandigheden met weinig licht.



Sunny Optics Officially Licenses ImmerVision Panomorph Lens Technology for Global Production

China’s leading manufacturer of optical products addresses increasing demand for high-quality wide-angle imagery and advanced applications in consumer, industrial, and professional markets including mobile, automotive, and AI.

MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ImmerVision, developer of exclusive and patented panomorph wide-angle imaging technology, is proud to announce that Sunny Optics (Zhongshan) Co., a subsidiary of Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of integrated optical components and products, has licensed panomorph lens technology for global production, and will deliver its first small form-factor panomorph high-resolution super-wide-angle lenses for smartphones and mobile devices in Q1 2018.

Panomorph lens technology combines state-of-the-art optical design and advanced, optimized algorithms, including low-power dewarping, to produce high-resolution super-wide-angle images without distortion, even in low light conditions.

Sunny Optical is the largest Chinese lens supplier for the most popular smartphone brands and OEM applications such as sports cameras, surveillance, 360 image capture, automotive, UAV, TOF, life sciences, factory automation, video conferencing, machine learning, and AI.

With this agreement, Sunny can now address increasing worldwide demand for highest quality miniaturized super wide-angle optics, with a FOV (field of view) ranging from 100 to 260 degrees, for single, dual, and multiple lens devices, and offer advanced, innovative imaging solutions for emerging applications in IoT, AI, XR / AR, autonomous driving, and beyond.

The agreement follows multiple successful joint projects, and includes engineering collaboration. ImmerVision’s unique technological insight and imaging expertise alongside Sunny Optical’s quality-controlled and high-yield manufacturing processes assure impeccable immersive optics and short time-to-market.

“It’s our honor to offer ImmerVision panomorph technology to our customers,” said Mr. Zhang Zhiping, General Manager at Sunny Optics. “Through this collaboration, Sunny will increase market traction and satisfy the demand for commercialized panomorph products, and provide advanced imaging options for emerging technologies – it’s a win for Sunny, ImmerVision, and our customers.”

Alessandro Gasparini, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at ImmerVision added “It is our privilege to welcome Sunny Optics as an officially licensed global panomorph producer. Sunny’s manufacturing expertise will make high-quality, high-resolution, super wide-angle panomorph imagery accessible to everyone. This collaboration will enable the next generation of smartphones and vision-enabled devices, propels development of machine learning and AI powered products, and lets the world see more and see better whatever their application.”

About Sunny Optics
A direct subsidiary of Sunny Optical Technology Group, Sunny Optics was founded in 2004 and over the years has gained extensive experience in providing turn-key solutions, from concept design to manufacturing, with consistent and traceable quality control and on-site technical support.


About ImmerVision
Leading innovation in super wide-angle imaging, ImmerVision licenses its patented panomorph technology to product and software providers worldwide. Only panomorph lenses can be adapted to any device for any application. PanomorphEYE enables advanced applications for machine learning and AI.




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