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Mercans Emerges as a Payroll Business Process Transformation Leader in Avasant’s RadarView

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Avasant, a globally recognized analyst firm, has named Mercans as a payroll process transformation leader in its annual RadarView assessment of 2022-2023. Mercans clearly stood out among the 27 providers assessed for consistently delivering exceptional value to the market. Avasant’s comprehensive industry analysis categorizes providers into challengers, disruptors, innovators, and leaders. Avasant placed Mercans in an elite group of industry leaders, confirming its technology leadership role in the global payroll industry.

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Mercans Emerges as a Payroll Business Process Transformation Leader in Avasant's RadarView (Photo: AETOSWire)

Mercans Emerges as a Payroll Business Process Transformation Leader in Avasant’s RadarView (Photo: AETOSWire)

In a span of one year, Mercans transitioned from a disruptor to an industry leader in Avasant’s assessment, demonstrating its impressive progress across all RadarView’s critical excellence dimensions – practice maturity, domain ecosystem, and investments and innovation.

Avasant’s meticulous research methodology, incorporating publicly available information, SEC filings, annual reports, executive interviews, product demos, and direct inputs from service providers, adds depth and credibility to the acknowledgment of Mercans’ industry leadership.

Avasant highlights Mercans’ strategic approach and states: Leveraging its proprietary payroll engine and in-house local experts, Mercans delivers services across 160 countries. Mercans boasts a distinctive practice size, serving multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies, supporting over 40 languages. The company’s global delivery infrastructure spans 121 local offices, contributing to an impressive payroll revenue growth of over 30% from June 2022 to June 2023, reflecting its financial robustness.

At the heart of Mercans’ success lies its proprietary global payroll platform – HR Blizz, the only gross-to-net payroll application that allows generating statutory compliant payrolls worldwide in a single software.

Mercans has disrupted the global payroll landscape with its G2N Nova global payroll engine. This state-of-the-art payroll engine stands out as the sole stateless application globally, swiftly generating payroll calculations across 160 countries within seconds, all while avoiding the storage of any sensitive employee data. This innovative approach has positioned G2N Nova as a catalyst for multinational corporations seeking to fully digitize their global payroll operations. Beyond its uniqueness as the sole global gross-to-net payroll application, G2N Nova offers a fully autonomous and touchless payroll experience, leading to dramatic reductions in processing times and costs.

Aditya Jain, Principal Analyst at Avasant, comments, “Mercans has developed its native global payroll engine to facilitate gross-to-net payroll calculations, digitalize processes, and offer self-service functionality to employees in 160 countries worldwide. Its partnerships with HCM and ancillary HR platform vendors enable it to offer comprehensive HR services through a unified portal. It leverages its local delivery network, including offices and regional experts in 121 countries, to help enterprises reduce dependence on local payroll aggregators for last-mile services across countries.

Its continued investments in technology innovation, such as no-code HR integration tools and instant payments functionality, flexible business models, and a global delivery network, have made Mercans a leader in Avasant’s Payroll Business Process Transformation 2023–2024 RadarView.”

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About Mercans

Mercans is a global leader in payroll technology. Mercans’ revolutionary global payroll platform HR Blizz enables SMBs and enterprise businesses to manage payrolls across 160 countries. With 20 years of global payroll expertise, Mercans delivers the full spectrum of HR services through a single, secure global platform.

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