10:20 uur 14-12-2023

Brenus Pharma Joins the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster (PSCC) to Collaborate at the Heart of Innovation in Oncology

LYON, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Brenus Pharma has successfully joined the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster (PSCC), the first national Onco-cluster. This membership positions Brenus at the heart of the European initiative to accelerate and valorize innovation in oncology.

As the inaugural beneficiary of the France 2030 NextGenerationEU program, PSCC represents a paradigm shift in the pace and anticipation of oncological advancements. Dedicated to improving the predictability and efficiency of cancer research, PSCC fosters collaboration within scientific, medical, and industrial communities, providing privileged access to cutting-edge resources.

Located in Grand Paris, PSCC brings together a diverse community of 80 members from 9 different nationalities. Chaired by Professors Éric Vivier and Solange Peters, PSCC aims to promote French research and the transfer of innovations to the European and global levels in the field of oncology.

Focused on transforming the treatment of solid tumor cancers, Brenus Pharma stands out with its patented platform of anticancer vaccine immunotherapies. By joining PSCC, Brenus Pharma will have access to technological and biological platforms, expertise, and collaborative resources to accelerate its advancements while contributing to the collective ambition of the ecosystem.

For more information: www.brenus-pharma.com;https://www.parissaclaycancercluster.org/



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