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ICCPP GROUP Will Represent Global Premier E-cigarette Companies to Participate in GFN2023 to Explore A Better Future for Tobacco Harm Reduction with Industry Experts

WARSAW, Poland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– On behalf of international excellent e-cigarette companies, ICCPP Group, the parent company of VOOPOO, DRAGBAR and Bdranded ODM+, will be invited to participate in the 2023 Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN2023) from 21st of Jun. to 24th of Jun.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

GFN2023 is themed around “Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) – The Next Decade”, inviting nearly 500 global tobacco experts, WHO representatives, industry leaders, e-cigarette consumers, tobacco organization representatives, health research scientists and media journalists to gather in Warsaw to provide global technical and governance solutions on the important topic of THR, and to jointly explore and promote the future development and expansion of THR direction.

ICCPP and GFN: Like-minded, Different Paths

ICCPP Group, is a globalization and full industry chain layout electronic atomization ecological group, integrating electronic atomization technology research and development, product design, intelligent manufacturing, brand operation and supply chain management. It has become a key influencer in electronic atomization industry with three major businesses that deeply run though B-sides and C-sides in less than a decade. For example, VOOPOO, the global well-known open system e-cigarette brand, DRAGBAR, the quickly rising disposable brand star, and Branded ODM+, the first branded e-cigarette business aiming at providing a user-centered, comprehensive and precise empowerment for B-size customers. At present, ICCPP’s products and solutions are used and enjoyed by more than 36 million consumers in over 70 countries around the world.

Although this is the first time for ICCPP Group to participate in GFN2023 and to expose as a new face at the global summit specializing in THR, there is a long history of connection between what ICCPP and GFN has been doing. ICCPP not only has the same long history as GFN, founded in 2014, but also shares the same operation philosophy: to make people’s lives happier and better through their self own efforts. The difference is that GFN has chosen to provide a fair stage for dialogue and exchange of opinions among different nicotine industry stakeholders, while ICCPP, playing the role of athlete, is focusing on research and application of electronic atomization technology, and bringing more abundant electronic cigarette substitutes for adult smokers through its continuous innovation in technology and products. Even though they choose different paths, all roads lead to Rome.

ICCPP’s New tobacco Research: Pressure and Motivation

In addition, years of scientific research and user studies have made ICCPP to realize that the real challenges on the nicotine market are enormous. On one hand, there is a relative lack of empirical evidence on the harm reduction effects of new tobacco products, and the current scientific research results cannot clarify the clear effect of new tobacco products on the human body, or at least there is no way to make the government and the public dispel the concerns of the harmfulness of using new tobacco products. On the other hand, the public’s awareness of the harm-reducing effects of new tobacco products is inadequate, and many people equate new tobacco products, such as vapes and HNB products with traditional tobacco, and talk about them in the same way. Research institutions, social organizations, industry teams, and industry stakeholders have very limited publicity about the harm-reducing research and effects of new tobacco products. All of this has caused tremendous pressure on new tobacco harm reduction research of ICCPP, but pressure often means motivation.

As one of the few invited representatives of global e-cigarette companies, ICCPP Group, in a responsible corporate sentiment, is very willing to share its latest research results on nicotine, THR and environmental protection with industry experts at GFN2023 and showcase its newest tobacco harm reduction technology achievements and eco-friendly products. ICCPP firmly believes that actively promoting the relative harm reduction effects of new nicotine products on human body is the right thing to do and also what ICCPP is continuously doing for the sustainable and benign development of the tobacco industry in the future. E-cigarettes were naturally created as an alternative to cigarettes, and ICCPP’s researches has continued to confirm that e-cigarettes perform better in terms of harm reduction compared to traditional cigarettes. To be a world-leading and respected health technology company, ICCPP has the responsibility and great willingness to actively promote the public to break the misconceptions about nicotine and new tobacco products and realize the superiority of new tobacco products by committing to scientific research and innovation and speaking with more research and facts.

As we all know, temperature control plays an important role in the effect of new tobacco harm reduction. It is understood that ICCPP will invite its expert in electronic atomization to give an in-depth explanation of the research at GFN2023 and even to expose for the first time its creative and more harm-reducing new e-liquid research results that have been tested and validated for many times. Moreover, considering the public’s concern about the environmental pollution caused by the prevalent disposable e-cigarettes, ICCPP will carefully introduce its new double eco-friendly disposable product solutions, providing adult smokers with a eco-friendly, healthier and safer choice.

ICCPP’s Belief: Sustainable Development through Internal and External dedication

The invitation and participation of ICCPP in GFN2023, on behalf of fast- development new tobacco industry is a recognition and support from GFN, one of professional international organizations for ICCPP’s continued technology research and innovation achievements in tobacco harm reduction, as well as a great expectation for its continuous progress and development.

In addition, in the face of the complex and rapidly changing nicotine market and the tightening situation of global regulations and compliance, ICCPP, as a comprehensive health ecology enterprise with the identity of C-sides brands and B-sides manufacturer in the industry, needs to cultivate itself both internally and externally. On one hand, ICCPP should “cultivate internal strength”, aiming at harm reduction, green and environmental protection, and with the user-centered philosophy to continue to make achievements in research and technology innovations. On the other hand, we need to be deeply open, actively participate in the external international stage, make open and equal dialogues with international stakeholders, gain a keen insight into international trends to feed the research of technology and product applications, thus seeking good opportunities in challenges for sustainable development.

In the future, ICCPP Group will continue to strengthen its technology research and innovation to provide more feasible and popular cigarette alternatives for adult smokers, and aspire to become a technology pioneer in the e-cigarette industry and an application leader in ecological tobacco harm reduction technology, actively applying technology and product innovation to truly create a better future for users.


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