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Brenus Pharma announces its international Scientific Committee

LYON, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Following the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Annual Meeting, where Brenus’ innovative approach and promising preclinical results were featured in the abstract section “Treatment to Follow” 1, the company highlighted its international scientific committee.

This committee gathering renowned international experts in immuno-oncology, immunotherapies, and novel-treatments is supporting Brenus’ scientific developments of the STCplatform pipeline in solid tumors and its first candidate, STC-1010 targeting colorectal cancer.

The committee combined a total of over 1,700 internationally peer-reviewed articles and prestigious awards in the field:

Pr François GHIRINGHELLI MD, PhD. Pr of Oncology – Head of “Cancer and adaptative immune response” INSERM, CGFL2, Dijon. (FR) Head of the Board

Pr Ahmad AWADA MD, PhD. Pr of Oncology – Head of Oncology medicine Dept. Jules Bordet Institute-HUB, Brussel. (BE) & Board member Oncodistinct clinical and translational research network, ESMO3 active member. Expertise in new drugs development.

Pr Alexander EGGERMONT MD, PhD. Pr of Oncology – Head of Clinical & Translational Immunotherapies. UMC4, Utrecht (NL); Chief Scientific Officer. Pediatric oncology center Princessa Maxima, Utrecht. (NL)

Pr. Antoine ITALIANO MD, PhD. Pr of Oncology – Head of Early-phase trials units; Head of Precision medicine new program. Gustave Roussy, Cancer Campus Grand Paris (FR) ; Bergnonié Institute, UNICANCER Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bordeaux. (FR)

Pr. Ignacio MELERO MD, PhD. Pr of Immunology – Head of translational immunotherapy research. CIMA 5, Navarra. (SP)

Pr Marck YARCHOAN MD. Associate Pr. of Medical Oncology at The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. Johns Hopkins, Baltimore. (USA)

“Brenus is honored to have support & guidance of such professionals in the field. Their expertise will be instrumental in driving the first-in-human study forward and advancing the company’s mission to change a paradigm in oncology.” Benoit PINTEUR, Co-founder & CSO.


Brenus Pharma is developing first in class tumor-antigens focus immunotherapies for solid tumors treatment. Brenus has developed STC (Stimulated Tumor Cells), a technology platform mimicking relapsing conditions and enabling the education of patients’ immune system, to fight against the resistance mechanisms of tumor cells.

For further information: www.brenus-pharma.com


1 « Efficacy of STC-1010, a new allogeneic cancer vaccine in colorectal cancer models”

J Clin Oncol 41, 2023 (suppl 16; abstr e14661).

2 Centre de lutte contre le cancer Georges François Lecrec

3 European Society for Medical Oncology

4 University MC

5 Centro de Investigation Medical Aplicada



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