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Clarity AI: 44% of Professional Investors Are Now Using Sustainability Analytic Capabilities or Data from Multiple Service Providers

Clarity AI: 81% of Professional Investors Are Open to Switching Sustainability Analytic Capabilities or Data Service Providers to Access Higher Quality Data

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– 44% of professional investors are now using sustainability analytic capabilities or data from multiple service providers, suggesting market participants are looking for a greater number of higher quality solutions when it comes to analyzing the sustainability of their portfolios, according to a new survey by Clarity AI.

Clarity AI, the leading sustainability tech platform, conducted a market survey of over 160 professional investors, including Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, and Asset Owners in Europe and North America, to gain insights into the investment priorities and preferences of investors with regards to sustainability.

The survey results showed that more than 60% of respondents stated that investments that will make the world a more sustainable place are a must-have for their clients or stakeholders. 44% of that same cohort are currently buying sustainability analytic capabilities or data from more than one service provider.

In addition, 81% of respondents are open to switching sustainability analytics or data vendors. Accessing higher quality data (35%) or choosing a solution that is easier to integrate into their existing workflow (14%) were the two top reasons cited for switching.

These findings highlight the increasing demand for high quality information and analytic capabilities regarding sustainable investments, as professional investors recognize the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG), impact and net zero factors in investment decision-making. As investors embrace the next wave of technological disruption, solutions that can be easily integrated into existing investment processes will be prioritized.

Commenting on the survey results, Chris Ciompi, Chief Marketing Officer at Clarity AI, said: “We are thrilled to see that more than 60% of professional investors now view sustainable investments as a must-have for their clients or stakeholders. The fact that 44% of those currently buy sustainability analytic capabilities or data from more than one service provider and that 81% of the market is willing to switch demonstrates that there is not only significant demand, but also that market participants are looking for more and better when it comes to sustainability data and analytics.”

When asked if they could only work with one sustainability analytics or data service provider, which one would it be, respondents chose Clarity AI most often. Clarity AI was selected by 31% of respondents, with the largest legacy vendors being the next two most cited options and coming in at 30% and 15%.

About Clarity AI

Clarity AI is a sustainability technology platform that uses machine learning and big data to deliver environmental and social insights to investors, organizations, and consumers. Clarity AI’s capabilities are an essential tool for end-to-end sustainability analysis related to investing, corporate research, benchmarking, consumer ecommerce, and regulatory reporting. As of May 2023, Clarity AI’s platform analyzes more than 70,000 companies, 390,000 funds, 198 countries, and 199 local governments, which represents more breadth than any other player in the market. One way Clarity AI delivers on its mission to bring societal impact to markets is by ensuring its capabilities are delivered directly into clients’ workflows through integrations with partners like BlackRock – Aladdin, Refinitiv an LSEG business, BNP Manaos, CACEIS, and Simcorp. Additionally, Clarity AI’s sustainability insights reach more than 150 million consumers across more than 400,000 merchants on the Klarna platform. Clarity AI has offices in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, and its client network manages tens of trillions in assets and includes companies like Invesco, Nordea, BlackRock, Santander, Wellington, and BNP Paribas.

Notes to editors

Survey was conducted in April 2023


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