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Stilla Technologies and Atila BioSystems to Co-Develop High-Plex Digital PCR Kits for Oncology

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Stilla Technologies and Atila BioSystems today announced an agreement to market digital PCR kits and assays produced by Atila BioSystems for use on the naica® system (Stilla Technologies). The digital PCR kits, optimized specifically for use with the 6-color naica® system, will be utilized for the detection of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) from liquid biopsy samples taken from patients with high-occurring cancer indications such as breast, lung, melanoma, prostate, and colorectal cancers.

The co-labeled digital PCR kits will be promoted globally by Atila and Stilla and will be designed For Research Use Only (RUO) applications.

“We are witnessing the continued promise, utility, and proliferation of digital PCR in the analysis of liquid biopsies for use in therapeutic development and in patient diagnosis and monitoring of oncological disease,” says Philippe Mourère, President and CEO of Stilla Technologies. “Co-developing products with a strong assay partner in Atila will allow highly standardized, fully optimized digital PCR liquid biopsy kits get into the hands of researchers who are working hard to decentralize such testing and bring personalized treatment into their clinical set up.”

In addition to the commercialization of the oncology kits, Stilla and Atila plan to jointly showcase their developments at the upcoming AACR Annual Meeting 2023 in Orlando, FL, in a scientific poster, “Enabling higher sensitivity liquid biopsies with multiplex digital PCR NSCLC-relevant drug resistance panels,” which will demonstrate the coverage, precision, and sensitivity of high-plex digital PCR for the analysis of liquid biopsies.

“Among digital PCR instruments, Stilla’s naica® system offers the industry’s highest level of multiplexing and sensitivity, making the platform ideally suited to detect rare mutations in complex samples,” notes Youxiang Wang, PhD, CEO at Atila BioSystems. “The naica® system set itself apart for these types of samples through its software capabilities, particularly its compensation matrix, which affords unsurpassed control over specificity and the ability to detect false positives, ultimately providing researchers with more precise readouts when using our assays.”

About Stilla Technologies

Stilla Technologies is the multiplex digital PCR company transforming complex genomic data into actionable insights across a wide range of research and clinical applications including cancer and liquid biopsy studies, cell and gene therapies, infectious disease detection, and food and environmental testing. Stilla’s groundbreaking Crystal Digital PCR™ solution, the naica® system, is the industry’s first digital PCR system featuring six fluorescent channels, providing biomedical researchers and clinicians the highest multiplexing and detection capacity available on the market. Stilla has U.S. headquarters in Boston, MA, European headquarters in Paris, France, and strategic distribution and business partnerships in China and throughout EMEA. To learn more, visit www.stillatechnologies.com.

About Atila BioSystems, Inc.

Atila BioSystems is based in Sunnyvale, California in the USA and since 2009, Atila BioSystems, Inc. has focused on developing innovative amplification technologies with ultra-high multiplex ability, accuracy and speed for molecular test. The company is at the forefront of the nucleic acid amplification field and has innovative technologies for both isothermal amplification and polymerase chain reaction.

The 3N technology is an innovative nucleic acid amplification technology that is fundamentally different from the current PCR technology design. The technology completely solves the problems associated with primer dimer and non-specific amplification and provides superior sensitivity and multiplicity to nucleic acid amplification and detection. Atila BioSystems, Inc. has successfully applied this technology to the development of extremely high multiplex and affordable cancer mutation panel with digital PCR platform for circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) from liquid biopsy samples, and as well non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) from maternal blood samples.

Their Omega nucleic acid amplification technology is Atila BioSystems’ patented isothermal amplification technology which allows the introduction of any artificial sequences during the amplification process. Omega technology enables to detect targeted nucleic acid from raw samples directly without extraction process in extremely high multiplex isothermal real time fluorescent detection format. An example, Atila BioSystems’ AmpFire HPV screening assay enables to detect 14 high risk HPV types in a single tube reaction and simultaneously genotype HPV 16, 18 and the group of other 12 from self-sampling dry brush swab samples directly, so does other woman’s health products such as STI, HSV, Candida, BV, Wound panel and fungus panel, etc.



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