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AMCS onthult de AMCS Platform winter ’22-release met meer automatisering en vergrote marktflexibiliteit

LIMERICK, Ierland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AMCS, ‘s werelds toonaangevende softwareleverancier voor de milieu-, afval-, recycling- en hulpbronnenbeheer sector, heeft vandaag de AMCS Platform Winter 22-release aangekondigd, de laatste van de drie releases die dit jaar zijn onthult.

Een van de grootste innovaties in deze release is de lancering van AMCS Extend, een
ontwikkelomgeving met mogelijkheid tot uitbreiding van AMCS Platform die persoonlijke configuratie
van processen, aangepaste velden en diepere integratie met het ecosysteem van een klant
ondersteunt. Dit zal een competitief voordeel en een grotere procesautomatisering voor de klant
stimuleren, waardoor de toegevoegde waarde die onze klanten op de markt brengen, wordt
beschermd. AMCS Extend zal zijn ontwikkeling in 2023 voortzetten om onze klanten de beste
mogelijkheden tot uitbreiding van het AMCS-platform te bieden.

AMCS Unveils The AMCS Platform Winter ’22 Release Delivering Greater Automation and Market Agility

LIMERICK, Ireland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AMCS, the world’s leading technology provider for the environmental, waste, recycling, and resource management industry, today announced the AMCS Platform Winter 22 release, the final of the three features releases delivered this year.

One of the biggest innovations in this release is the launch of AMCS Extend, an extensibility development environment for AMCS Platform that supports customer specific configuration of workflows, custom fields and deeper integration to a customer’s ecosystem. This will drive customer competitiveness and greater process automation, protecting the unique value our customers bring to the market. AMCS Extend will continue its development throughout 2023 to bring our customers the best extensibility capabilities to the AMCS Platform.

‘’We are delighted to launch AMCS Extend as part of the AMCS Platform ’22 release. All our product investments are designed to digitize, automate, transform and future proof business processes,” said Elaine Treacy, Global Product Director at AMCS. “In this release we also launching our comprehensive AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution into new markets, empowering our customers to manage equipment, employees, workshops, and resources in real-time. In addition, our goal of transforming the customer experience through enhanced automation is realized with innovations in invoice automation, payment fee charges, recycling inventory management and overfilled container tracking.”

The AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution is already a proven leading solution in North America and will now be released as part of the AMCS Platform in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Ireland. The comprehensive fleet maintenance solution features a workflow driven User Experience that supports easy data capture and delivers insightful analysis. This empowers customers to manage their equipment, employees, shops, and resources in real- time.

Other innovations in this release include an enhanced invoice & billing management process, which has been transformed to deliver greater automation, performance, and flexibility across the full invoicing lifecycle. This means that invoices can be presented for payment with less time and effort expended for a faster order to cash cycle.

A new suite of payment service fees in AMCS Pay will allow operators to charge and incentivize end customers to use specific digital payment types on individual payment channels and this will reduce the operators own payment processing charges.

In the area of Sustainability, we have extended our AMCS Vision AI solution offering to automatically identify overfilled containers, thus mitigating any environmental damage caused and preventing revenue leakage.

It also enhances the realization of our comprehensive inventory management solution for recyclers with the addition of a powerful new interactive inventory dashboard to provide real-time, granular, and actionable insights on all inventory positions and this will support better decision making in this area.

To learn more about AMCS Platform Winter ‘22 Release, visit amcsgroup.com

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